Weekly Wrap Up : 28/01/18

Posted On 28 January 2018

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Hi everyone.  Hope you’ve had a good week.  I’ve had a very quick week and I’m wishing that things would slow down somewhat.  But, still good with lots of lovely reading.  I’m still reading my book club book – Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan.  I’ve started the Chrysalids which I should finish shortly and I’ve read a couple of others.    I’ve also started the second of my SPFBO finalists – Chaos Trims My Beard – which so far is living up to it’s crazy name and cover.

Books read:

  1. The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock Imogen Hermes Gowar – I loved this book – such an unexpected surprise.
  2. The Belles Dhonielle Clayton – this was a very entertaining, colourful confection of a story.  I had mixed feelings going in, lots of descriptions of dresses and hair, etc, and yet it kept me pretty much intrigued.
  3. The Hazel Wood by Imogen Hermes Gowar – I just finished this and I really liked it.  Probably not for everyone.  A dark tale, a coming of age of sorts, puts me in mind of The Book of Lost Things.

Next Week’s Reads:

  1. Chaos Trims My Beard by Brett Herman
  2. The Chrysalids by John Wyndham (Vintage Sci Fi book)
  3. The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch
  4. Semiosis by Sue Burke
  5. Paris Adrift by E.J. Swift

Clearly I’m not going to get through all of those but they’re my next planned reads, I’m already 30% into Chaos and also started The Chrysalids so I might start them all and see which one takes my fancy.

Upcoming reviews:

  1. Starborn by Lucy Hounsom
  2. Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace
  3. The War of Undoing by Alex Perry (my first SPFBO book)
  4. The Feed by Nick Clark Windo
  5. The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock Imogen Hermes Gowar
  6. The Belles Dhonielle Clayton
  7. The Hazel Wood by Imogen Hermes Gowar

I’d love to know what you’re reading this week.

15 Responses to “Weekly Wrap Up : 28/01/18”

  1. Tammy

    I’ll be reading Semiosis very soon too. I’ve been on a short story kick lately which is really weird for me!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Yeah, I tend to avoid short stories although sometimes they just work.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Jennifer | Book Den

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on The Hazel Wood. I love coming of age stories and dark fairy tales!

    • @lynnsbooks

      I really liked it – it is dark, it felt to me like a coming of age story – or finding yourself type affair. Definitely gave me a Book of Lost Things vibe but in a good, standing on it’s own two feet sort of way.
      Lynn 😀

  3. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    look forward to seeing what you think of Starborn. I have seen some mixed things about it (hope you enjoy it)

    • @lynnsbooks

      I’m trying to catch up with the series – I’ve only read the first and tbh I also had mixed feelings but I thought I’d read No.2 and see what I think before making a decision whether to move on or not. It’s why I’ve not written a review yet. If I like the second and continue on with the third I might do three mini reviews in one. We’ll see though.
      Lynn 😀

  4. jessicabookworm

    Over the last week, I have finished reading the gripping, dark historical fiction The Plague Charmer by Karen Maitland. Now I am reading Christian non-fiction The Case for Grace by Lee Strobel and A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R King, which is the second Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mystery. 🙂 Happy reading!

  5. sjhigbee

    I loved The Chrysalids and look forward to hearing what you think about it:). As ever, I enjoy reading about your upcoming reads, Lynn. Have a great week.

    • @lynnsbooks

      I loved it – very thought provoking indeed.
      Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        Yes, I think he is very underrated and should be MUCH better known!

  6. DJ (@MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape)

    I look forward to review of The Belles! Not really a book of my taste, but my girlfriend is on the fence about whether or not she wants to check it out.

  7. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I just finished The Gone World today – it’s very twisted and confusing (as time travel books usually are)…but in the good way! 😀

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