Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey : Readalong week No.2

naakissToday is the second week of our readalong of Naamah’s Kiss.  Feel free to join in (the schedule is below) or to jump in with the comments.  This week the questions are being hosted by Susan at Dab of Darkness.  Please be aware that spoilers may be lurking below for this and future books in the series so please be careful.

1) How does one go about finding their destiny? Do you think Moirin is doing a good job of finding her’s? How did you find your own destiny, or have you?


I guess it depends on if you really believe in ‘destiny’ – does that mean therefore that you have a number of paths open to you or perhaps just one predetermined one?  Or do you believe that you’re born, you make choices and they lead you to your present position?  I’m more inclined to the second road.  I like to think I’m in control of my own life story and that I have some choice in the matter.  I think Moirin is so far doing a good job of setting out on her own adventure, it’s still a little bit early to say how well she’s succeeding about finding her destiny but then she didn’t really have much to go on in the first place.  I like to think that my future is an open book – I’ve still to experience a good deal of it and create my own adventures.

2) Moirin is pretty uncomfortable within stone walls and cities in general. Have you ever found yourself in a similar position, whether in the forest or at sea or in a large city?


I can’t say I’ve ever particularly felt uncomfortable in any of those settings.  The thing that affects me more is heights.  So I would be uncomfortable if I was on the top of a high building for example – particularly if it didn’t have any sort of perimeter boundary or wall – it would make me feel like I was going to fall off!  I don’t mind being up high, just not the feeling of being up high and without some sort of barrier between me and a long drop.

3) We continue to meet or hear about descendants of characters we met in the first 6 books. Who has caught your attention the most?

I particularly liked the cabin boy’s story about being a descendant of one of Phedre’s Boys and the Captain saying that virtually every sailor could make the same claim.

4) The Maghuin Dhonn. The Tsingani. Do you see parallels between the two or how they are treated?


Yeah, in that people are wary of both, sometimes afraid and also maybe a little judgemental – I also think they’re the scapegoats for everything and Moirin being blamed for the death of Cillan (spelling??) is a perfect example.  Obviously he wouldn’t have gone on such a foolish raid if he wasn’t bewitched!  And yet nobody thought to try and stop his notions beforehand.  I think the Maghuin Dhonn maybe suffer a little bit more in terms of their reputation as a result of Imriel’s story whereas the Tsingani’s reputation improved after the same story.

5) First impressions of the denizens of the City of Elua? Of Raphael de Mereliot?


Well, first impressions – and this is going off the few we’ve met so far – they seem to have retained that D’Angeline self awareness don’t they.  I quite liked the two ladies on the coach – they were harmless really and they even offered Moirin a place to stay which was rather nice considering they barely knew her.  Raphael.  He’s sort of sexy and dangerous isn’t he.  I don’t know whether to trust him yet.  He’s certainly using Moirin at the moment – even with her knowledge, he has a relationship with the Queen which seems to me could go horribly wrong and he’s definitely scheming – although what about I have no idea.

6) Morin continues her hunt for her D’Angeline heritage. What do you expect from Phanuel, her father?

Leading us all the way to the Temple, kind of tense and looking forward to meeting this elusive character, only to find Phanuel has gone on a walk about – Ms Carey – I’m looking at you!  How sneaky.  I’m not sure what to expect of him although I thought it was curious that he was so convinced that Moirin would seek him out.  He’s either quite canny or perhaps he has some sort of magical gifts of his own.


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6 Responses to “Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey : Readalong week No.2”

  1. tethyanbooks

    I’m with you on the destiny vs. free will argument.

    It is a good note that the Tsingani situation is a bit better than it was in the past. I wonder if Moirin’s adventures will help improve the situation of the Maghuin Dhonn, in the end.

    For Raphael, I guess he’s kind of hinted that he is interested in spiting the queen and furthering his aims with the magical academy. I am a little frustrated that Moirin has shown no interest into finding out more about his plans. I guess she is a bit overwhelmed right now!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Good point about Moirin’s story maybe helping the Maghuin Dhonn to become more accepted.
      Moirin – she’s so lacking in curiosity about things going on around her – well, anything that seems to be remotely political. I suppose, like you said, she’s a bit overwhelmed and also just isn’t used to ‘reading into things’.
      Lynn 😀

      • Grace

        I imagine that after growing up isolated from society that she doesn’t even realize the subtleties that are going on. I have a feeling that she’s gonna get burned by it.

      • @lynnsbooks

        I have a feeling that you’re going to be spot on! Still, it would be totally silly if she was all savvy straight from the start. I think she’ll pick things up quickly enough though – particularly as she can sneak around and eavesdrop so easily.
        Lynn 😀

  2. nrlymrtl

    I feel the same way about heights. As long as there is a reliable barrier between me and the long drop with the sudden stop, I am just fine. Take that surety away, and I’m not good for much.

    Good point about Imriel and his life’s tale being tied to both the Tsingani and the Maghuin Dhonn. Maybe Moirin will raise up the Maghuin Dhonn’s reputation like Imriel and Phedre and the Master of the Straights did for the Tsingani.

    Raphael has his healing magic, Moirin can call the twilight, and we’ll just have to see if Phanuel has any such overt magic as well.

    • @lynnsbooks

      ‘the long drop with the sudden stop’ – I will have to remember that one.
      And now I’m intrigued about Phanuel and if he has magic!
      Lynn 😀

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