Mabel and the Queen of Dreams by Henry L. Herz

Mabel and the Queen of Dreams by Henry L Herz is a children’s book that will undoubtedly enchant and delight in equal measure.  This is a lovely story about a young girl called Mabel.  Mabel doesn’t want to go to sleep, there’s lots to see and do, she wants to run around and play.  Of course, this is something that most parents are familiar with – the reluctant sleeper and more to the point the creative ways which children will imagine in order to defer going to bed!  Abel is an expert in prevarication but her mum is an expert too – an expert story teller who has a wonderful story about the Fae Queen in her bedtime bag of tricks!

The Queen of Fairies is an expert in painting dreams.  Riding in her horse chestnut carriage, pulled by a dragonfly with gossamer wings, she bestows beautiful dreams on those that she touches. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to go to sleep with the promise of such beautiful dreams to come.

Inspired by Shakespeare and illustrated by Lisa Woods Mabel is a beautiful book.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the story is a whimsical confection that any child will adore.  Simply put, this is a beautiful book and a beautiful tale that can’t fail to enchant.

I received a copy courtesy of the author for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinion.




7 Responses to “Mabel and the Queen of Dreams by Henry L. Herz”

  1. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    Ah, too bad my kids are past the age for this one.

  2. jessicabookworm

    This sounds delightful 🙂 I have also always loved Mercutio’s ‘Queen Mab’ speech in Romeo & Juliet.

  3. nrlymrtl

    Henry Herz and his sons made another great kid’s book. I also enjoyed this one and I liked how they worked in a touch of Shakespeare.

    • @lynnsbooks

      It’s lovely isn’t it and I love the connection to Shakespeare.
      Lynn 😀

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