One Salt Sea (October Daye #5) by Seanan McGuire readalong week No.2


Today is week two of our readalong for One Salt Sea (October Daye #5).  Organised by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow.  Everyone welcome to join.  If you want to jump on board then leave a comment, visit Lisa or check out the Goodreads page.  Come join in the fun.  The schedule is below.  Now, moving on to this week’s Q&A with the customary warning about spoilers – they will undoubtedly be lurking – so beware!


1. We get to meet Dianda Lorden, the Duchess of Saltmist, and Toby takes her first (somewhat unconventional) trip to the Undersea. What are your first impressions of Dianda and her realm?

I love it to be honest. There’s a wealth of imagination here and this fae Undersea makes for great reading.  Plus it feels pretty unique as we don’t often seem to read about underwater fae knowes.  The Duchess of Saltmist doesn’t feel like someone to mess with does she!  I wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side.

2. Rocks and hard places: we find out that Rayseline is the one who took the boys, but that she must have had help… Any ideas about who could be working with her?

I can’t help thinking the Queen of the Mists had something to do with it although I have no reason to think that other than she seems to act weirdly most of the time – and I can’t figure out why she would want to start a war – other than she seems a little bit insane!

3. Toby’s daughter is kidnapped, and thus the plot thickens – right along with the romantic drama! Any theories about where the story might go from here?

OMG – what a final chapter to end on.  I never even thought about Toby’s daughter being in danger but in actual fact it makes sense now – why wouldn’t Rayseline try and hit Toby where it hurts most!  Plus this changes things doesn’t it because surely Toby will be conflicted now – she has to find the boys and prevent war – but she also has to find her own daughter – and so it feels like this is definitely going to throw a spanner in the works! It almost makes me think as well that Toby will maybe be faced with a choice of who to save – but I don’t know how I reached that conclusion!

I loved this week’s chapters.  Lots going on and I loved visiting the Underseas.  Such a spot to end the week on though.  Goblins, Tybalt, kissing!  Oh my.

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