Red Sister: The Beta Reading! (Spoiler-free)

Posted On 16 August 2016

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Feast your eyes on this post – some early hints about Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister. Plus ‘Hayao Miyazaki meets Harry Potter meets Mark Lawrence with a dash of X-men thrown into the mix’ – happy am I!

Mitriel Faywood

I’m primarily writing this blog post for those people who either on Facebook or on Reddit indicated that they would like to hear a few spoiler-free thoughts on Mark Lawrence’s The Book of the Ancestor trilogy which starts with Red Sister. But I’m also writing this blog post for me. Being involved in the creation of these books was a wonderful experience and this poor blog of mine had been neglected for too long as I tend to spend most of my time and energy on That Thorn Guy. Which I love doing, so it’s really not a complaint, more just an observation.



I started beta-reading for Mark Lawrence over two years ago, when one day he said to me: ‘I’ve written a short story (I foolishly agreed to write 3 for various things) – I’m not sure it works … maybe it does … dunno ……

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3 Responses to “Red Sister: The Beta Reading! (Spoiler-free)”

  1. Grace

    Ooooh. I really need to catch up on his books; I loved Prince of Thorns. 🙂

    • @lynnsbooks

      Grace – I loved the Thorn books – BUT – the Red Queen War series is even better! You need to read it – and Red Sister is due out soon!
      Lynn 😀

    • @lynnsbooks

      Grace, – the Red Queen series is excellent – I think you would love it. Red Sister I think is going to be awesome – I have that feeling!
      Lynn 😀

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