Sidekick Returns by Auralee Wallace

Posted On 21 December 2015

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27852830Sidekick Returns by Auralee Wallace is the second book that brings to us the very entertaining exploits of would-be-superhero Bremy St James.

I really enjoyed this, in fact I’d go so far as to say I thought it was better than the first.

In this second instalment Bremy is once again striving to be the superhero.  Her mentor Dark Ryder seems to be giving her the cold shoulder, her best attempts at crime fighting all end in disaster, she seems to be getting mixed up more deeply with the mob and her hot boyfriend appears to be giving her the Big E.  Things aren’t looking good and to top it all off Bremy’s maniac father is having her followed, she’s not in his good books and given that he’s already tried to kill her once this means she needs to be very careful and, her sister, the one person in the world who she genuinely cares for, is also ignoring her calls.  What more could possible go wrong – well, just read it and find out.

Madcap, over the top, comic book style adventures, carnival floats, baddies, goodies, moustache twirling, female wrestling and kickass style antics.  Okay, the moustache twirling I just made up but the rest is all in there.

I’m not going to talk of the plot at all.  Suffice to say that this book is crazy, zany, fast paced and fun.  I really enjoyed it and the inner voice of Bremy made me laugh.  Think of Batman and all his super cool heroics, his gadgets, his demeanour – now deduct all of that and you’re still even nowhere near in the vicinity of the disaster of Bremy!  She makes you want to tear your hair out.  If something can go wrong it will.  She thinks she’s tough but frankly she’s more of a flailing rich tea biscuit than a chunky hobnob. She literally can’t see the writing on the wall, even when it’s written on the wall, in front of her eyes, in huge pink neon letters with blinking lights and a huge arrow pointing to it.  However, what Bremy lacks in superhero ability she makes up for with dumb persistence and being a bit of a softie.  She can be a  bit ‘judgey’, or more to the point her mouth tends to run away with her sometimes before her brain catches up, but she’s really not a bad person and you do end up shouting in her corner.

And to prove that she’s okay – she has a bunch of even weirder, prickly on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside friends.  I’m particularly thinking of the chapters of the fancy pants party at the museum where Bart turns up as the Crime Mime and Queenie rolls up in a hearse, accompanied by the Funeral Director and dressed as Jessica Rabbit’s evil sister.  Of course we have Bremy’s father who is the ultimate baddie but on top of this we have a new player called the Little Big Shot and a new superhero called The Angel of St James who is very capable and has her own bag of goodies – not to mention a cape!

I’m really not going to elaborate further.  I think this was a great second story – I’m pretty certain it could be read as a standalone.  It’s an excellent comic book style superhero story with oodles of crazy fun and seat of the pants action.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to the author and publisher for a review copy.  I sincerely hope there’ll be more Bremy on the cards.



3 Responses to “Sidekick Returns by Auralee Wallace”

  1. Sharry

    ” If something can go wrong it will. She thinks she’s tough but frankly she’s more of a flailing rich tea biscuit than a chunky hobnob. ” HAHA, great description! I enjoyed reading this review 😛 It sounds like you enjoyed this one!

    • @lynnsbooks

      I did enjoy it. It always feel like you’re dissing a book when you call it fun but it really isn’t an insult. This was good fun, and it was tense. And a book that almost feels like a comic book. I really had fun with it.
      Lynn 😀

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