Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey, readalong week No.7

Welcome to week seven of our readalong of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series.  Kushiel’s Avatar is the third in the series and I am loving it so far.  All free to join in, if you’ve already read this then please join in with the comments.  The full schedule is here and this week Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow is our lovely host.  Before reading further: a word of warning – there will be spoilers lurking below.

So, moving swiftly on:

Chapters 74-82

1. Yevuneh and the other women agree to help Phedre continue on her quest, and though it doesn’t go smoothly, she succeeds in finding the Broken Tablets and the Name of God! What did you think of how this part of the story played out?

I was so happy that the women agreed to help Phedre, I kind of expected that they would because I hoped they’d see the wisdom of it but even so I felt so pleased with their decision.  I did feel disappointed that one of the women had betrayed them, at the end of the day she didn’t just betray Phedre and Joscelin but all the other women who had reached that decision.  In fact I was staggered when that boat appeared on the horizon and then the desperate race to the temple, I really hadn’t seen that coming at all.  It seems that everything, even Imriel’s being amongst the party was necessary though.  Like Phedre said, without the chase she probably wouldn’t have found the island and without Imriel she probably wouldn’t have been admitted to the temple.

2. When the dust settles, Imriel’s position on where he feels he belongs is all the more firm – he wants to be with Phedre and Joscelin, and not with House Courcel. Do you have any thoughts on how things will go for them when they return home?

Well, I can’t claim this as my own idea as it was already raised previously but I think Phedre and Joscelin will seek to keep Imriel at their home – probably by asking for the boon that the Queen already granted Phedre.  Frankly I don’t really see why this would be a problem – I think plenty of kingdoms used to follow a code of placing royal wards in other homes as part of their upbringing so why not place Imriel with Phedre and Joscelin?  It would remove him from all the court intrigue and betrayal for a little while longer at least and the two of them are very conscientious of his safety.  Plus he trusts them now and they’ve developed quite the unit between the three of them.  I think it would be really difficult for Imriel to now be placed in the Court with people who barely know or care about him and who would constantly be looking at him with suspicion.  I think it would really set him back.  Whether Ysandre will see it that way remains to be seen and I can’t help wondering if she will be annoyed with Phedre and Joscelin anyway and therefore disinclined to be agreeable.

3. Among other important changes to their way of life, the possibility of trade between Saba and other nations has opened up in the aftermath of what Phedre has done. This leads her to speculate that the intentions of the gods go far beyond what she was aware. What do you think of that bigger-picture theory? What might it mean for the world in general?

Not really sure to be honest.  It seems like the Gods do want people of other nations to become known to each other.  Of course, as we know from history these alliances don’t always go well and some people are more ambitious than others.  I don’t really know why the Gods would interfere in that respect?

4. We’re heading toward the finale, and hopefully to a resolution regarding Hyacinthe’s fate… Do you have any thoughts about what might happen when Phedre gets back to him?

I really don’t know what to expect.  One part of me just gleefully expects Phedre to roll up and invoke the name of God and release Hyachinthe and they all live happily ever after.  The other part of me thinks that the first part is just being very silly and naive and that if something can go wrong it will.  Perhaps Hyachinthe will have already changed too much.  Perhaps his own feelings on being released have changed.  It’s all so thought provoking but I really don’t have an answer!

The other participants:

  1. Susan at Dab of Darkness
  2. Allie at Tethyan Books
  3. Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow
  4. Me at Lynn’s Book Blog
  5. Emily at Emma Wolf

6 Responses to “Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey, readalong week No.7”

  1. emmawolf

    “It seems that everything, even Imriel’s being amongst the party was necessary though.”

    *nods* Everything is so connected in this book. It’s very tidy.

    • @lynnsbooks

      It is tidy – Carey definitely has a plan doesn’t she!
      Lynn 😀

  2. nrlymrtl

    The woman who betrayed the whole group to her husband – I think she showed true remorse when she asked for Phedre’s blessing, even tho it was obvious she didn’t know what she was asking for. Still, I am sure that she will not be trusted with women’s secrets for a little time to come, if not longer.

    I think you will be pleased with how things fall out in the final chapters of the book.

    • @lynnsbooks

      She was definitely remorseful but she naffed me off I have to admit – because she broke the other womens’ trust as well – like you said, it’s unlikely that she’ll be trusted with secrets for a while.
      I can’t wait to find out the conclusion!
      Lynn 😀

  3. tethyanbooks

    The optimistic side of me is imagining Phedre will just sail up and free Hyacinthe without a hitch, too, but then I also have the other part of me that suspects something more complicated is going to happen.

    Also, I can see Ysandre being a little annoyed with Phedre– she did take Imriel to Jebe Barkal instead of bringing him right back to the City of Elua like she was supposed to! I think she’ll get over it, though.

    • @lynnsbooks

      I hope Ysandre does get over it – after all I think Phedre and Joscelin have helped her out of a tough spot enough times!
      I’m going to go with optimism – and maybe just expect lots of excitement and a happy smiley ending.
      Lynn 😀

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