‘But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!…’

This week over at the Fantasy Review Barn Nathan is once again taking us Tough Travelling.  This week we will be paying special attention to : NEW BEGINNINGS

A new leaf, a new life, a complete change of pace for a character in fantasyland is how most stories start.  Bad people get a second chance, farm kids leave the farm, or a soldier gets a new post.  From there adventure awaits!

Grim from Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier.  At the start of the story Blackthorn, wrongly imprisoned, escapes prison with one of her fellow prisoners – Grim.  This is a great book and all about new beginnings.

Ellie from The Legend of Ellie Quinn by Alex Scarrow – Ellie is a young girl, working on a dusty colonial farm, but she has ideas and she wants to travel and see the neon lights of the city – little does she know that she has a great destiny ahead of her.

Vin from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  At the start of the story Vin is a street urchin, part of a gang of thieves until Kelsier realises her potential and takes her away to train in allomancy and kick start her new life.

James DiGriz from The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison.  At the start of the first book in the series DiGriz is finally caught pulling a con – his punishment is to work for a crime solving organisation called the Special Corps.  This is definitely a new beginning and a different use of his talents.

Roen Tan from The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu- this is probably a bit of a strange choice but Roen definitely goes down a different path to the one on which he starts the book on and changes his life dramatically – not into something quieter, for sure, but definitely different.

Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.  Another unusual choice perhaps – Ebenezer doesn’t change until the end of the book.  He spends his life as a miserly, curmudgeonly old sod with no friends – a visitation from three spirits are set to change all that.

20 Responses to “‘But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!…’”

  1. jessicabookworm

    I love that you chose Ebenezer Scrooge! He is like the epitome of the second chance. I also love the Star Wars: New Hope quote and picture, especially as I recently went to Secret Cinema’s Star Wars event. It is all fresh in my mind 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I wasn’t sure whether to add Scrooge – I do think he’s a good choice but it kind of felt like an odd choice – then I just thought, what the heck, it is fantasy. I think that’s the thing – you don’t tend to think of Dickens being a fantasy writer really.
      Lynn 😀

  2. DJ (@MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape)

    If three spirits came to visit me in one night – with the last one showing me my death – I would probably turn over a new card in life extremely fast too.

  3. Danya @ Fine Print

    I included Grim and Blackthorn both…so in love with those characters. Good pick with Vin, too! She has a “new beginning” several times, now that I think about it. Scrooge is an inspired choice. 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I love the Grim and Blackthorn book – I can’t wait for No.2 to come out. So excited!!
      Lynn 😀

  4. maddalena@spaceandsorcery

    Scrooge is indeed a brilliant choice – and the top picture needs not further words… 😉

    • lynnsbooks

      Haha – thanks – Luke definitely was a farmboy who had a new start in life.
      Lynn 😀

  5. mervih

    I love unconventional choices! Vin definitely deserves to be on this list, along with Luke and Scrooge.

    • lynnsbooks

      I did think Scrooge was a bit of an odd choice and almost left him off – I think because his new start in life isn’t until the very end of the book.
      Lynn 😀

  6. Carmen

    You’ve got great choices here, Lynn. I like Luke and Scrooge, and I like what DJ said above because it’s true. Nothing like a great scare to turn your life around. 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      Exactly – three ghosts is probably about two scares too many though! Just one for me please.
      Lynn 😀

  7. rudejasper

    Scrooge is such a brilliant choice! That kind of kick in the ass that gives you a second chance in life doesn’t happen too often. Vin also works well. I swear this is like the most popular trope ever and I never even noticed!

    • lynnsbooks

      This really was a good trope – and like you I didn’t realise. It was very interesting reading everyone’s choices.
      Lynn 😀

  8. Michael Senft

    Slippery Jim di Griz. I love the Stainless Steel Rat books!

    • lynnsbooks

      I’ve only read the first one, so far, – but I have promised myself to read more because the first one only really skims the surface.
      Lynn 😀

      • Michael Senft

        Stainless Steel Rat for President was probably my favorite.

  9. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I love Blackthorn from Dreamer’s Pool! And Grim of course, I forgot he had a new start as well 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I should have put them both on the list really! Doh
      Lynn 😀

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