In Midnight’s Silence by Teresa Frohock

In Midnight’s Silence is a short story which brings to us a wonderfully strange world where Angels, Daimons and Los Nefilim roam amongst us.

The main characters of the story are Diago, Miguel and Raefael and the story starts in Seville during the 1930’s.  At the start of the story Diago returns to his apartment to find evidence of a struggle and his partner Miguel missing.

I’m not really going to elaborate on the plot but will say this is incredibly easy to read.  The writing flows well and appears effortless and Frohock manages to bring to us a strange tale of abduction and threat, filled with revelations and creatures of myth and lore with a number of new elements brought into the equation for good measure.

Hidden in plain sight are Angels, Daimons and Los Nefilim (characters born of a liaison between angel and human who act as a sort of police agency controlling the Daimon’s behaviour).

So, apart from the excellent writing which contains a wealth of imagination making it difficult to believe that this is only a short story (100/130 ish pages I think) what else did I love about this story.  Well, firstly, having read Miserere and the Broken Road I can unequivocally state that the author is an expert at conjuring other worlds populated with creatures straight from hell!  Speaking of which, her books always seem to have a religious theme and yet they never have a ‘preachy’ feel.  She has a great ability to literally suck you into whatever situation she creates and she manages to write these deliciously creepy elements along the way that will have you looking over your shoulder as you read!  I particularly love the scenes with the Golem.

In terms of characters we have this wonderful blurring of the lines between good and bad where the angels in the story come off a little less ‘angelic’ than you might expect. Okay, the Daimons are pretty much a bunch of nasty characters as you would expect but even so!  The surprise element of the book is that Diago is neither Angel or Daimon but a combination of the two.  Up to this point he’s refused to take sides but this is about to change.

On top of this the story brings up some really interesting and new (for me at least) ideas in terms of the immortality/rebirth of angels and the carrying over of scars from a previous life.

This is a book very much about choices – difficult and heart wrenching choices and impossible situations that you really can’t see a good ending to.

The only criticism that I can make is that I wanted more – luckily there is more to follow so that’s basically a win!

I received a copy of this from the author.  The above is my own opinion.

6 Responses to “In Midnight’s Silence by Teresa Frohock”

  1. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    This was really good! And yes, Frohock can definitely bring you some creatures straight from hell! Love it 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I could definitely read more horror/chills from Frohock – she has some great ideas.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it because it was Teresa and because of that awesome blurb…plus great price! Thanks for the review, everyone I know who’s read this liked it. I’ll definitely have to read it soon.

    • lynnsbooks

      It’s really good and I’m looking forward to part II. In one way I probably would have liked to read the full thing in one go but then this way the anticipation will rise!
      Lynn 😀

  3. Ria

    I can’t wait to read future novellas in this series. I’m such a sucker for both fallen angels (angels of most kinds, really, but fallen is best) and Frohock’s writing, so you put the two together and you get an instant hit with me!

    • lynnsbooks

      I love her imagination and her writing does seem effortless.
      Lynn 😀

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