Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. Read along conclusion

Posted On 12 July 2015

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This week is the conclusion of our readalong. I’m away at the moment so this post won’t have links and pictures. This week our host is the lovely Lisa.   Beware of spoilers. Q&A below. 

1. Isidore d’Aiglemort comes back into play for the battle against the Skaldi, and Phedre takes a huge risk to turn him from an enemy back into an ally – to a point, at least. And d’Aiglemort’s one demand is to have Waldemar Selig left to himself on the battlefield… What were your thoughts on Terre d’Ange’s unlikely hero, when all the dust settled?

Well. He’s a difficult one. In one respect he was a back stabbing traitor but on the other hand I couldn’t help cheering him on when he fought Selig. I have to say that in that respect he did redeem himself in my eyes although I confess that i wasn’t surprised that he met his end. And it would have been impossible to totally trust him again so he kind of went out on a high note. 

2. After the war, we get a wedding! Ysandre and Drustan survive to unite their people after all. Did you think they’d both get this far, and do you have any thoughts on how this union (political, romantic, or both) might turn out?

I did think they would get this far and I was kind of pleased for them both because apart from all the politics of court they seem to have the makings of a lovely romance in the making. 

3. Melisande is finally discovered, and brought before the Queen to be punished for her treason. Though, of course it’s not as simple as that with her… Were you surprised at all when she escaped? And do you have any ideas about who might have aided her?

In a way I’m not surprised that she escaped. It was a bit easy though and I would have liked a bit more detail. But she makes a good baddie and so it’s no surprise that Carey wants to keep her in the picture. 

4. Ysandre and Drustan aren’t the only ones to get their happy ending – well, up to a point, anyway. Phedre and Joscelin try on the quiet country life, and it goes well for a while… Once again Phedre is unable to forget, or be forgotten by, Melisande – wherever she is. Do you think Phedre will return to her old life, as we leave her contemplating? If so, is her choice the right one?

Again. I would have liked a bit more detail here. The happy ending with Joscelin felt a little lacking somehow. But that being said perhaps if we’d had too much of a happy ever after then it would be difficult to believe that Phedre would want to return to her espionage. As it is this is a perfect set up for book 2. 

Extras. That scene where Selig captures Phedre and tortures her. Eugh!  Part of me just thought ‘how could you’. It was interesting that there was no tender feelings or remembrances. 

Sorry about the brevity and any typos. 

We’re all considering reading book 2 so if you want to jump aboard then watch this space or leave me a comment and we will add you to the list. 

2 Responses to “Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. Read along conclusion”

  1. tethyanbooks

    I hope things go well for Drustan and Ysandre!

    That skinning scene– it really underlined again for me that he thought of her as a thing, not a person. No emotion or remembrances because in his mind she was just some pretty toy that he’d owned for a while :(. I’m glad he’s dead now, and Phèdre is okay!

  2. nrlymrtl

    If Isadore had survived that last battle, I am not sure what would have been done with him. Execution? Exiled? Pin a medal on him? It was much cleaner for everyone, including his family, to have him die a hero.

    Selig is not one to let tender feelings get in the way of winning a war! Such a calculating brute. If he had won, I bet the first few years of his reign would have been awash in blood as he decisively squelched one rebellion after another.

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