Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, Readalong Part 2

And the second week of our readalong is upon us already – time really does fly when you’re having fun!

This week’s lovely hostess is Susan from Dab of Darkness.  Be sure to stop there and leave a link or check out her answers.  Also, beware of spoilers below – they’ll be running amok.  Plus, if you still want to jump in the schedule and other participants are here and so without further ado lets get to the Q&A.  Conspiracies and intrigue have been aplenty this week and I’m keen to see what everyone makes of it all.

1)Throughout this section, we learn little tidbits about our main characters: Tara & her time at the Secret Universities, Kevarian and her past works, Abelard & his childhood. What fascinated you the most? 

I think all the little snippets of information were interesting to read about and some very enlightening. I mentioned that I was keen to know more about the Craft and whether its a magic that anyone can wield so I really enjoyed learning that it seems to be something that presents itself fairly early on in life and the school then seems to take an interest in these children that are gifted. Sticking to Tara for the moment it was good to find a little bit more about her expulsion from school.  I admit I felt a wee bit guilty as I’d automatically jumped to the conclusion that she’s done something to provoke the situation when in actual fact she was simply standing up to the Professor who was abusing his students and taking terrible advantage of them.  Also interesting to pick up that maybe that same Professor has perhaps had a relationship with Kevarian??  Did it feel to anyone else that Kevarian was a little bit scared of the Prof maybe??

2) So many conspiracies! Someone tried to burn out some of Raz’s memories, there were super secret contracts between the dead Cabot and Kos and some unknown third party, and Abelard found a hidden altar in the heart of Kos’s church! Do you think they are connected? 

There is a lot going on here.  The history between the Stonemen and Justice and the obvious animosity between the two.  It seems to me that the Stonemen have been set up to be the fall guys by someone.  They’ve not been in the city for years and when they’re called back it’s to find themselves at the scene of an ugly crime.  Personally, I can’t help thinking that the Professor is the main instigator.  My main reasons are that he was the person who set up Justice, thereby banishing the Stonemen – so he certainly won’t have any qualms about pinning the dastardly deed on them.  He also seems to be up to no good with his students and leaching their power.  I’m not sure why I think he’s the lynchpin – maybe he’s trying to see the destruction of all the Gods, maybe he manages to steal some of their power somehow.  There was also this strange contract between Kos and Cabot.  Again, if Kos had to ‘pay out’ on that contract (whatever it was) but never got his ‘pay back’ then perhaps somebody else gained in power – okay, I’m useless.  Still think it was the Prof though.

3) This question is just for fun & came about from discussion over at Violin in a Void last week. Abelard is a chain smoker and his worship of Kos keeps him safe from any ill effects of said smoking. If there were multiple deities who could protect you from ill effects of different vices (alcohol, illicit drugs, gluttony, etc.), which vice, if any, would you pick? 

The vice of sitting around endlessly, reading and chatting to people about books, perhaps taking the odd glass of wine in the evening and generally being useless and lazy in every respect.  Sloth!

4) Stonemen! Will Tara be able to win over Shale and gain his assistance? Will Justice’s Black Suits face off against them, potentially destroying the city? Discuss!

I feel sorry for the Stonemen after reading about their downfall.  They’re casualties of circumstances outside their control and they’ve been hated on for a while now. If I was Shale I’d be pretty damned vexed with Tara about now!  I mean, she took his face off for goodness sake.  That’s got to be a bit disorientating. I think she’ll manage to bring him around though – after all the Stonemen need allies who believe they’re not the baddies right about now.  You can’t help feeling that the Stonemen and Justice could work so well together if they could just overcome their differences.

5) The Courthouse of Crafts is a strange place. Feel free to comment on it. Ms. Kevarian tells Tara, last minute, that she will be the one to face Donovo. Calculated way to boost Tara’s confidence? Or a cruel way to test her?

I loved the Courthouse.  It felt like something out of Harry Potter where nothing is ever as it first seems.  Rooms seem to change, staircases rotate, doors appear, etc.

Personally I don’t think Kevaria was being cruel.  I do think it was a test because at the end of the day Tara is in something of a sink or swim situation at the moment and throwing her in at the deep end could be just what she needs to get the creative ideas flowing.  Some people just work better under stress so I suppose it will help to show whether Tara can rise to the occasion or not.

And what a cliffhanger – I’m relieved to get back to it now I’ve made all my ridiculous answers.


6 Responses to “Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, Readalong Part 2”

  1. readingismylife3

    Hey Lynn! Please check your blog email address! There is a message waiting for you 🙂

  2. Lauren

    1. I also think Kevarian is a bit frightened of Denovo; perhaps another reason she sent Tara to do battle with him in Court?

    2. I wish I could unravel all these conspiracies on my own, but all that lawyering is beyond me!

    3. I almost picked sloth too, for those exact reasons 😀 Only changed my mind because I do like to go for a run or a long walk after all the sitting around.

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah, I’m really curious to see what the dynamic is between Kevarian and Denovo. They definitely seem to have a history.
      Lynn 😀

  3. nrlymrtl

    Haha! I too had assumed that Tara had done something rather radical at school. So I felt a little ashamed when I learned that her setting a lab on fire seemed perfectly reasonable, given the circumstances.

    And, yes, there is definitely some history there between Kevarian and Donovo – like that way he so off-handedly threatened her in the letter.

    If you ever find a deity that allows the worshipers to lounge around reading and discussing books, let me know!

    The Stonemen & Justice would make a mighty awesome team! Let’s hope Tara can bring them together.

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah – we need that lounging and reading deity – right now!
      Lynn 😀

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