Quick update: readalong of Max Gladstone’s Three Parts Dead: schedule and dates

Short and to the point.  I posted this recently about a readalong by myself and the lovely Susan over at Dab of Darkness. Below is the schedule and list of bloggers taking part in case you want to join in.  There’s plenty of time to get on board and we’re all quite nice really – we don’t bite, well, not often!! *just kidding*

Schedule as follows:

Post Date Monday March 9, Prologue up to Chapter 8 – week 1, (up to page 113) (page count 113) hosted by Lynn’s Book

BlogPost Date Monday March 16, Chapter 8 up to Chapter 15 – week 2, (up to page 223) (page count 110) hosted by Dab of Darkness

Post Date Monday March 23, Chapter 15 through Epilogue – week 3 (up to page 333) (page count 110) hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow


Me – obviously!
Lisa – Over the Effing Rainbow
Lauren – Violin in a Void
Anya – On Starships & Dragonwings
Heather – The Bastard Title
Lynn – Little Lion Lynnet’s 
Susan  – Dab of Darkness
That is all  😀

7 Responses to “Quick update: readalong of Max Gladstone’s Three Parts Dead: schedule and dates”

  1. Tammy

    I wish I had time to read it again! I hope you guys love it!

  2. nrlymrtl

    Hooray! The party is upon us!

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    […] be running amok.  Plus, if you still want to jump in the schedule and other participants are here and so without further ado lets get to the Q&A.  Conspiracies and intrigue have been aplenty […]

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