The Maze Runner by James Dashner readalong – final chapters

This is the final week of our Maze Runner readalong which is a timely finish for the film’s release.  See below for details of other bloggers taking part.  A big thank you to Sam for hosting this.  Without further ado let’s get to the Q&A.  Customary spoiler alert – the content below will undoubtedly let the cat out of the bag so stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers!


In Chapter 55, Alby sacrifices himself to try and gain an advantage for Thomas and Teresa to reach the Griever Hole. Do you think that Alby actually decided to do this, or is the mind-control the Creators seem to have over him what pushed him to do so?  I think that Alby was being mind controlled and used for a purpose.  Not quite sure what purpose it served having him killed other than maybe to drive the rest of the boys to desperation.


Do you think the group B mentioned at the very end is the girl group? Or maybe a rival group of guys?  I think there’s a strong possibility that group B is a girl group – part of me even wonders if Teresa came from that group – got herself free and broke into Thomas’s group??  It kind of makes sense to keep the boys and girls separate in this sort of experience because it is then easier to gauge how one group compares to the other?  It could of course be a rival boy group but I don’t really think so at the moment (however I am quite often wrong!)


Do you think at the end of the book the boys have any idea what’s in store going forward? Do we know if any of their families survived?  If what the rescuers told Thomas and Teresa on the coach is true then it seems highly improbable that any of the boys families will have survived but I suppose there’s always a chance.  I don’t think the boys know what is going on, it appears on the face of it as though they’ve just been rescued and yet the epilogue seems to end on a note that suggests that this is all still part of the experiment.


Do you trust the people who say they are fighting WICKED? Or are they part of WICKED and this is another variable? Well, I don’t know that I trust the people who think they’re fighting WICKED – although they have just broken into a facility and killed some of the people there so who knows.  This does all appear to be another variable though – and is it just me or did there seem to be something wrong with the people back at the Maze (the creators) the woman in particular – she came across almost like a robot.


What are the implications of the epilogue?  The ending seems to imply that this whole experiment was just the tip of the iceberg.  Just a means of preparing the boys (and maybe girls) for something else.  Most of their actions have been nudged by the creators.  Their bits of returned memories were things that would conveniently help them along the way to escape.  They always got just a certain amount of information to help them figure out the rest.  Even after they broke out from the Maze they’re then rescued and hurdled onto a coach – now part of me was thinking that was very conveniently ‘timely’!  But, I suppose two possibilities are that the ‘rescuers’ are not rescuers at all but are part of the whole experiment and are taking the boys to the next phase or the ‘rescuers’ are also being played in this experiment – maybe given just enough information to help them rescue the boys and take them to the next place?

We’ll see.

I’m not sure whether I’ll read the next in series or not.  I’ll watch the film and make a decision from there I think – although to be honest I guess I do need to know what happens next!!

A big thank you to Sam for organising, co-ordinating and setting all this up.  It’s a lot of effort and is very much appreciated – ‘herding cats’ springs to mind.  And a thank you to all the other participants.  It’s been good fun taking part with you all – we should definitely do this again!

Lynn 😀


2 Responses to “The Maze Runner by James Dashner readalong – final chapters”

  1. Sam

    I think waiting till after the movie is a good idea to see if I want to read the second one. I’m afraid it’s going to be more experiments and I’m not sure I can take that!

    I plan on doing another one of these soon. Look for a poll in the next few months to decide on the book.

    Until then, happy reading.

    • lynnsbooks

      Thanks Sam. I will definitely look out for your next read along poll. Lynn 🙂

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