The Maze Runner by James Dashner, readalong week No.5

This is week 5 of our Maze Runner readalong.  See below for details of schedule and other bloggers taking part.  Only a few more chapters remain now!


Do you think Thomas purposefully getting stung by a Griever was a smart idea or stupid?   I don’t know whether I’d call it smart but I guess it was a way to find out what the others went through and maybe get some answers.  It’s curious that Thomas’s experience has been different from the others – I wonder if he is more immune given his other mental abilities and if that is the case it would suggest that maybe he has more a grip of what the real answers are?  He certainly still seems determined to leave the Maze unlike the others who have been through the changing.


Do you think Teresa was the only girl who went through the special training? Or why weren’t more females thrown into the Maze? It’s possible there are more.  I think Thomas and Teresa’s mental abilities obviously single them out in some way.


In Chapter 44, Teresa suggests that she and Thomas were lovers or knew each other intimately before entering the Glade. Do you think the other boys knew each other before the Glade? Thomas reveals later in the section that they were all orphans raised for this experiment. Did they know each other growing up? Do you think those relationships survived the mind wipe?  I think it’s possible that they all knew each other.  That may be why they go through the Changing they recognise each other?  It’s as though the changing eliminates some of the memory loss somehow – and maybe plants something else instead?  I think it’s possible that Thomas and Teresa were in a relationship, it is possible however that the relationship was brother and sister – which could explain why they have the connection?


So there is some big bad disease in the outside world called the Flare that makes Alby so desperate to stay in the Maze he burns the maps and is down to chill out with the uber fun Grievers. How bad could this Flare disease be? Do you think Alby is overreacting, or is there something extra terrible about the Flare? What could it have done to the outside world to be so apocalyptic and awful that Alby wants to stay in the Maze?  The flare definitely sounds like something world changing!  At first I wondered if it was some sort of bio warfare gone horribly wrong?  Or maybe a mass outbreak of some new bug strain.  Perhaps Thomas and Teresa have been through the disease and survived which is why their minds are different?


I never thought of any of these characters as particularly smart. Does it strike anyone else as not very believable that these guys are all so super elite that they were co-opted by Science? Particularly Thomas, whose head we’re actually inside and who supposedly designed the maze.  Apart from Thomas and Teresa I’m not sure that any of the others were put into this experiment for their super smarts.  I was sort of thinking they were put there as some form of social experiment just because they were orphans and so nobody to object about how they were being used?  Thomas and Teresa obviously have this mental connection but other than that I wouldn’t say either of them come across as particularly smart at the moment!


Why is Newt so negative to Thomas’s code breaking?  There is no better option so why does Newt resist so much?  I think Newt is a much more basic, down to earth, brass tacks type of character who prefers doing something as oppose to thinking about it or trying to come up with a different way of thinking.


I’m curious about the words found in the maps and what they mean? FLOAT CATCH BLEED DEATH STIFF PUSH  I tried thinking of all sorts of different concepts for these – are they anagrams – do you take the first letter of each word and see if that makes an alternative word, etc, etc.  None of these ideas came up with anything else.  The only other thing I could think of is that it refers to the disease (The Flare) – maybe the germs float, you catch the germs, you bleed. you die and go stiff – push?  Don’t know – perhaps you come back as some sort of undead or zombie?

I’ll just have to read on and find out!


Chapters 1-9     Read 27-April through 10-May. Submit Questions by 10-May. Post by 17-May
Chapters 10-19     Read 11-May through 24-May. Submit Questions by 24-May. Post by 31-May
Chapters 20-29     Read 25-May through 7-Jun. Submit Questions by 7-Jun. Post by 14-Jun
Chapters 30-38     Read 8-June through 21-Jun. Submit questions by 21-Jun. Post by 28-Jun
Chapters 39-51     Read 22-Jun through 5-Jul. Submit questions by 5-Jul. Post by 12-Jul
Chapters 52-End     Read 6-Jul through 19-Jul. Submit questions by 19 Jul. Post by 26 Jul

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4 Responses to “The Maze Runner by James Dashner, readalong week No.5”

  1. Sam

    Thomas and Teresa being brother and sister is an interesting idea! Kind of a Luke and Leia kind of ordeal.

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah, I think it’s doubtful though – it just occurred to me that maybe they share the same mental abilities because of their genes. It doesn’t seem the route that things are going on though!
      Lynn 😀

  2. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    Ahhhh and you remind me of how I must read this book so I can watch the movie!

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah, that’s why I wanted to read it as well to be honest! I still have a few chapters left so we’ll see what happens!
      Lynn 😀

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