Maze Runner by James Dashner readalong week No.4

This week is week 4 of our Maze Runner readalong.  See below for details of schedule and other bloggers taking part.  As I’m late with this post I’m going to dive straight in with the Q&A (apologies everyone for being so tardy!  Work and other responsibilities have been conspiring against me!)  If you’re interested – it’s never too late to join in and if you wish to do so then either leave a comment or email  Beware of spoilers below if you haven’t already read:


Alby runs off in the middle of the night to look at the maps. When he was going through the Changing, he said “Protect the maps”… but he also tried to strangle himself. Clearly there were warring forces at work in his mind. I can’t help but think his weird dash into the night means that he’s going to destroy the maps, not study them…but would that be Alby-Alby at work? Or Creator-controlled/changed-Alby? In other words, whose agenda is whose?  I’m not sure that we can trust Alby now and I also suspect his motives with the whole map room scene.  I don’t think he will be acting of his own volition though.  I wonder if he’s going to destroy the maps and whether that will be at the will of the creators.  Not sure why that would be necessary though as the maps don’t seem to be complete – perhaps he is going to doctor the maps instead!


It’s evident now that this is an experiment of some kind, so why do you think the Creators choose teenagers as their subjects instead of adults? Are there benefits to this?  I think they chose teenagers because they think they’re more maleable, less mature, less fixed in their ways and definitely with less baggage (although, if your mind is wiped I suppose your baggage goes with it!).


The phrase “Killzone Experiment Department” seems to connotate that the Gladers are in fact a part of some experiment. What do you think the Creators could be testing, and what do you think the ominous “Killzone” is?  It feels like a behaviour experiment to see how far the boys can be pushed?  The Killzone appears to be The Maze because let’s face it it’s not exactly safe.  I think whoever put the boys there was expecting much more radical behaviour and that’s why they’re now pushing the agenda.


When they come to the writing in the maze that says, “World in Catastrophe,” I think of it as a message from the others to the boys about the previous world they lived in. What else could this mean? Why do you think it’s written on the walls in the maze? Do you think that it’s a message about the Maze rather than about their previous world? It almost sounds like an exercise that went to far.  Like emergency planning but gone a bit extreme!  I think the writing on the walls, etc, is just like a product stamp and nothing more.


On page 200 the Gladers ponder that the sun has “disappeared”.  Thomas understands that there never was a sun and “Everything about this place was fake.”  All I could think of was the movie The Truman Show when Jim Carey sails to the edge of his world.  The Truman Show was reality TV taken to extremes.  Do you think this situation in the Glade is just for some demented group’s pleasure? I actually never really thought there was a sun – and in fact I don’t think the Maze is high up.  It all seems to be a fake reality.  I think it’s definitely an experiment.  To figure out people’s breaking point.  To see how far you can push them?  Or maybe a social experiment to see if they become a family of their own even though removed from their own biological family.  Maybe it’s simply to see how resilient they are and how well people survive.


Chapters 1-9     Read 27-April through 10-May. Submit Questions by 10-May. Post by 17-May
Chapters 10-19     Read 11-May through 24-May. Submit Questions by 24-May. Post by 31-May
Chapters 20-29     Read 25-May through 7-Jun. Submit Questions by 7-Jun. Post by 14-Jun
Chapters 30-38     Read 8-June through 21-Jun. Submit questions by 21-Jun. Post by 28-Jun
Chapters 39-51     Read 22-Jun through 5-Jul. Submit questions by 5-Jul. Post by 12-Jul
Chapters 52-End     Read 6-Jul through 19-Jul. Submit questions by 19 Jul. Post by 26 Jul

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2 Responses to “Maze Runner by James Dashner readalong week No.4”

  1. Sam

    Maybe instead of the maze being high up, the command center is low down? Hmmm.

    • lynnsbooks

      It does all feel a little bit like smoke and mirrors. And, I felt from the start that it had a Truman feel – I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on!
      Lynn 😀

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