The Maze Runner, readalong week No.2

This is week 2 of the Maze Runner readalong   You’re not too late to join in and it’s a very relaxed schedule so if you fancy jumping on board (send an email to  Details of schedule and participants at the end of the post.  The usual obligatory spoiler declaration – if you haven’t read this and intend to do so then you might want to stop here.  And now starts the Q&A:


On page 102, Newt talks to Thomas about the importance of order in the Gladers’ society, saying ” ‘Reason we’re all sane around here is ’cause we work our butts off and maintain order. Order’s the reason we put Ben out–can’t very well have loonies runnin’ around tryin’ to kill people, now can we? Order.’ ” The Gladers are willing to go to extreme lengths to keep order in their society, so much that they would rather follow the rules and banish Ben to the Maze and Grievers then jail him and treat him for his lunacy. Discuss why you think that order is so important to the Gladers, and if you think that order and relative normalcy will last for them throughout the book.  Well, I suppose it could be that they’ve had something implanted into their brain that makes them more pliable.  Or, more likely, they’ve found out that they have to keep law and order themselves the hard way in order to survive.  Any divergence from the rules could mean a problem for them all so it’s almost become a code – similar to ‘survival of the fittest’.


Ben’s rants against Thomas were pretty interesting. I expected him to be worried that Thomas would destroy them or betray them or something — but instead he was upset that “He’ll wanna take us home…He’ll wanna get us out of the Maze.” All Thomas’s memories of the outside world seem to be “normal” memories…but could there be something terrible (personal or widespread) that would keep the boys from WANTING to ever get out of the Maze? Or did the Changing just poison Ben’s mind to think that?  I really don’t know what to think here to be honest.  I suppose it’s possible that all the boys have had their memories tampered with in different ways or it could be that they all think there’s something worse on the outside and that Thomas’s brainwashing hasn’t been as effective, maybe he’s more resistant.  I don’t think there’s something terrible out there to be honest – after all, they’re being kept inside aren’t they.  They’re prisoners.


On page 119 (Chapter 18), Thomas describes the sound of the Grievers as similar to engines and their smell like oil. Why do you think this knowledge was something he retained through the memory wipe?  Maybe it’s difficult to eradicate memory that is inspired by all of the senses.   Perhaps hearing and smell – could be more difficult.  You do associate certain memories with certain smells or sounds – for example music.


Did the Creators throw a girl into the mix just to see how the boys would respond? Or do you think she has another purpose for being there?  I think she’s in the mix just to stir things up!  Even if that wasn’t the creators reason it’s probably going to be the outcome for sure.  I hope that she’s not been put up there for some other twisted reasoning that I’m not going to even think about!  That’s all I’m saying about that.  Anyway, regardless, she’s surely going to stir up some trouble.


Thomas has seen two Beetle Blades with the word “Wicked” written on the side.  One was in the forest right before Ben tries to kill him and one was while he and Alby are hiding in the vines of the wall.  Thomas thinks the Beetle Blades are wicked, but perhaps the Beetle Blades are warning Thomas of impending evil (Ben and the the Griever).  Do you think the Beetle Blades are trying to help Thomas?  I never thought of that – I suppose they could also be telling him that he’s wicked??  Interesting train of thought that I’ll have to have a bit more of a think about.  I suppose wicked could just be a name given to these little critters by their creators – maybe it means something w.i.c.k.e.d.??


On page 89, we see a slightly evil or what Thomas says is disturbing and sinister. How do we feel about Chuck now? I see a much more hidden side to this character, he’s excited that they are banishing someone. it’s almost like Chuck was getting some grim satisfaction about what was going on.  Maybe he feels bitter towards the others for always being shunned or maybe there’s another reason why he has no friends!  eek!


I’m curious why the boys are reluctant to talk about anything or give Thomas any information.  It’s as if they’ve been conditioned!  Why do you think they’re so reluctant to talk about what goes on in the Maze??  Surely it would be easier if they clued the ‘newbies’ in a bit better?  I find this the most strange and irritating aspect of the book.  Even from the pov of Thomas.  I don’t understand why he’s not more inquisitive or why he doesn’t force the issue more??  And I also think it’s very perplexing why the boys don’t share information.


Chapters 1-9     Read 27-April through 10-May. Submit Questions by 10-May. Post by 17-May
Chapters 10-19     Read 11-May through 24-May. Submit Questions by 24-May. Post by 31-May
Chapters 20-29     Read 25-May through 7-Jun. Submit Questions by 7-Jun. Post by 14-Jun
Chapters 30-38     Read 8-June through 21-Jun. Submit questions by 21-Jun. Post by 28-Jun
Chapters 39-51     Read 22-Jun through 5-Jul. Submit questions by 5-Jul. Post by 12-Jul
Chapters 52-End     Read 6-Jul through 19-Jul. Submit questions by 19 Jul. Post by 26 Jul

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7 Responses to “The Maze Runner, readalong week No.2”

  1. Sam

    I love your idea that WICKED is an acronym. I wonder what it could stand for!

    • lynnsbooks

      Haha, yes I was trying to think what it could mean – a bit like K-9 was called so because that’s the model stamped on the side – or WALL-E and EVE from the Disney film – can’t remember what Wall-e stands for but EVE was Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator! Can’t think what Wicked would stand for – it’s probably a bit long to be an acronym.
      Lynn 😀

    • heartofsultana

      I’m also very curious about the whole “WICKED” deal. It would be super cool if it’s an acronym, I want to know what it means!

      • lynnsbooks

        Yes – we should all come up with ideas for what wicked could stand for! – although, I’m struggling to do so.
        Lynn 😀

  2. Ashlee

    It’s bothering me too that the boys are always so irritated when Thomas asks a question! After receiving a new kid every single month, you’d think they would have figured out a way to share FAQs in a more helpful way.

    • lynnsbooks

      I know – it kind of irritates me to be honest. Plus thomas is a lot more self contained than I would be – I’d be like shouting ‘will somebody give me some bloody answers’ by now! Which is the way I feel as a reader. I suppose there’s always the possibility that none of the boys really have any answers??
      Lynn 😀

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