Morningside Fall by Jay Posey

Posted On 21 April 2014

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Morningside was my weekend read and the follow up to last year’s Three which I really enjoyed.  If you haven’t read Three then beware of potential spoilers.

Morningside continues more or less where Three left off.  Wren is the new Governor of Morningside and with his mum and his Council struggles to make the right sort of decisions for the inhabitants.  Unfortunately, the Council are not quite as straightforward as they may seem and following a failed attack on Wren’s life Cass has to take action into her own hands.  Without wanting to give away the plot Cass and Wren end up back on the wrong side of the walls facing all sorts of life and death situations and finally coming to the realisation that petty politics and bids for authority are the least of everyone’s worries.

Without wanting to be too negative I didn’t enjoy Morningside as much as I did three which is a shame, but not totally unexpected.  Part of me thinks second book syndrome had popped up it’s ugly head.  Three was really quite unique and so anything that follows won’t have the same impact because the world is now familiar.  And, yet, I don’t think that’s the case for me with this book.  My main issue with this story lies in the fact that Wren and Cass are not really substitutes for Three – they just don’t hold the attention in quite the same way.  Three was such a good character to read about that you definitely feel his loss when reading Morningside.  Plus, to be fair to the author I did have issues with Cass in the first book and they continued to a degree in this one – which I think is more to do with me probably than anything to do with the story.  I just, for some reason, find it difficult to like Cass.  It’s a bit unwarranted and unjustified to be honest.  In the first book I found her a little bit irritating and to be frank my feelings towards her haven’t really changed.  Why, I just really can’t put my finger on it.  The other thing is the whole idea of a city being run by an eight year old.  Okay, it could happen.  However, in the world that Posey has created here with the constant walking on a knife edge fear of death at any given time type of situation – I’m really not quite sure that would cut it.  I simply think that Wren comes across too young, he’s insecure and unsure of himself although he grows in confidence as the book progresses.

On the positive side – which I realise I’ve probably come across as quite critical above  The book does find it’s feet again – it just takes a little time.  We travel back to some familiar territory – where in a number of situations – things have unfortunately deteriorated!  We also have a mystery character who seems to slowly be making his way back to Morningside and we have the slow reveal of another mmm, ‘baddie’ – both these are played in such a way that it leaves a mystery as to who is the good or bad guy in the situation.

On the whole a good read.  Yes, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first but I’m still interested in finding out how all this ends and the ending of this leaves a perfect set up for the next instalment.

I received a copy of this through the publishers courtesy of Netgalley.  The above is my own opinion.



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