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Posted On 3 April 2014

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**“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”  Francis Bacon **

…in which case the artists who created the artwork below are certainly doing a good job!

Looking at cover art.  Because I love it.  Because it deserves recognition.  Because it’s the first thing that catches your eye when you’re inundated with choice!

I wanted to focus here on some of the cover art that has adorned editions of Apex Magazine.  I love art, I’m certainly not a connoisseur and I couldn’t discuss with you all the finer points of some of the art shown below.  I simply know what I like and I like these.

The artwork featured below is all courtesy of Apex Magazine.  Their website is here if you want to check them out.  Also, check out this post at Little Red Reviewer for more information.

I love these pictures, I would definitely hang them on my walls – these might not be your favourites as I do tend to sway to the fantasy side but there are plenty more to stop and look at.

Firstly, look at this lovely picture.  Its absolutely gorgeous. It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and every time I look at it I notice something new. Keys hang from the upper branch and a curtain swept aside reveals a tiny little door that leads to somewhere amazing (I just know it does).  I realise that curiosity killed the cat but I really want to know where that door leads to…

Dolls – they’re scary right?  And does one of those teddy bears in the picture below have only one beady eye – a la cyclop’s fashion?  Are you people trying to give me nightmares?  Clowns and dolls aren’t enough – now we have to have scary cuddly toys!



Now just feast your eyes on this picture – I simply love the curly horned guy in this picture  – I actually want to be his friend!  Make him smile, a nice cup of tea tea and a little bit of sympathy!  Really though, does he look forlorn to you? Plus, how fitting is this picture – I’m currently reading Beauty by Robin McKinley and I can’t help thinking of this picture as I’m reading along.










The issue below right has a stunning cover – designed undoubtedly as a reflection of the fact this it was a special Shakespeare edition!  Tragic and haunting.  I’ll be reading Twelfth Night soon – yes, not exactly Romeo and Juliet – but come on, it’s Shakespeare.












And, finally, for me, this one.  Raised by lions perhaps and she has the scars to prove it!





4 Responses to “Art focus…”

  1. Redhead

    Gorgeous! and yeah, that one with the teddy bears and the doll is totes creeptastic. But i’d still pick it up to see what was inside! I like the curly horned guy too, he looks so tragic! that picture is a perfect “tell a story” trigger, isn’t it? the last one you posted, with the girl and the lion, i really like that one too.

    • lynnsbooks

      Oh yeah, I’d pick it up. The creepier the better. The horned guy is lovely isn’t he. I want one. I love the girl and the lion. She’s looking right at you and daring you, just daring you to say anything!
      Lynn 😀

  2. Lesley Conner

    The cover for issue 57 is my favorite. I could stare into those red eyes all day and not get tired of it. Absolutely stunning!

    • lynnsbooks

      Yes, and more to the point she will stare right back at you. I also love the tiny attention to detail. She’s in a pack of lions and she’s taking her fill but she hasn’t got there without the scars! Great picture.
      Lynn 😀

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