Light by Michael Grant

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution I’m finishing off some of the series that I started a number of years ago and Light is the sixth and final book in Michael Grant’s book about a bunch of teenagers and children (none older than 15) who, as the result of a strange occurrence are trapped inside a bubble in the coastal town of Perdido Beach, known as the FAYZ.  As if this wasn’t strange enough in itself, a number of the children seem to have acquired strange mutated talents ranging from running as fast as a breeze or shooting white hot flames through their fingers.  Of course this discrepancy in abilities leads to plenty of problems.  Five books’ worth of adventures later as the children try to survive MG brings us a resolution in the form of Light.  This has been a very entertaining series of books, a strange fusion of Lord of the Flies and X-Men with characters that you can’t help but become attached to along the way.

At the start of Light the barrier that separates the FAYZ from the rest of civilisation has become transparent turning this strange world into one gigantic fishbowl attracting media, authorities and parents to set up camp around the perimeter.  The countdown is on – the barrier is coming down and it’s just a matter of time now to see who will survive until the end.  This makes for a tense few hours.  The Gaiphage – or the source of all evil – has been reborn!!  And, is seeking a way out – she/it has huge plans of world domination (queue evil laughter!)  The only flaw in her/it’s plan is she/it is restricted somewhat by being in a little girl’s body – plus has very little knowledge of the real world beyond the bubble – so the Gaiphage does need other people to help.  Before we all start breathing a sigh of relief though – this little girl is one evil, crazy little so and so!

Now, it’s pretty difficult to get into a lot of details about the final plot in a series like this without actually ruining it.  So, this will be a fairly short review on that score.  What I can say is that in true Grant style there is plenty of action, tension, and body mash ups!  Also, and I think quite rightly too, not everyone survives.  Come on, it would be impossible for everyone to come out of this smiling.

So, a fairly light (no pun intended) review for the final in the series but the length of the review is not intended to reflect how I felt about the book or the series.  This has definitely kept my attention and in fact I was worried to pick up the last one in case it all went belly up plus I just couldn’t see how the author was going to resolve things.  Fortunately MG doesn’t fail – he’s managed to come up with a satisfying ending – okay, maybe a little apple pie in some respects but overall a good ending to a bizarre, strange and twisted series.





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