My best reads for 2013

Posted On 31 December 2013

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So 2013 is winding down to it’s conclusion and it’s time to review my year of books.  This is always so difficult to actually choose 10 books that you’ve enjoyed more than everything else you’ve read and I admit that I’ve revised this list a few times.  I started out highlighting my favourites then realised I had more than 10.  Then I decided if I split this by male and female I could have 10 in each category which is a nice way of cheating and being able to choose 20 books – happy face to that.  Then I realised I’m not going to cheat but keep this as I usually do with a list of 10 so some whittling had to take place.  From the 20 these are my 10 choices that I absolutely loved without reservation:

  1. The Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence – I love this series.  Unfortunately this is the last one but we are going to return to this world with a new series in 2014 – I’m so excited that I could have an accident! (Probably too much info).
  2. The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch – this is an amazing series, plus Jean Tannen!
  3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – Neil Gaiman is a legend – if you’ve not read his books then please do so as you’re missing such fine work.
  4. Cormorant by Chuck Wendig – really dark and gritty, incredibly compelling-can’t-put-down-and-continue-with-normal-life until you’ve finished.  Miriam is fantastic to read about – not for the faint hearted mind!
  5. Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – this was such an original piece of work, I love the world created, also recommend The Shining Girls by this author.
  6. The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson – only a short piece of work but for me a personal favourite of Sanderson’s.
  7. Beauty by Sarah Pinborough – I love this series and it was difficult to choose just one – the others being Poison and Charm.
  8. Miserere by Teresa Frohock – I loved this book, such an unusual world created, very gripping indeed.
  9. Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb – my first book by this author and now I’ve read it I can’t believe I’ve not read more!!  Must rectify that immediately.
  10. American Elsewhere by Robert Bennett – I worry about this author!  Very twisted.  Seriously though, his books are amazing!

On top of that my challenges:

100 books in a year hosted by Book Chick City – complete (by the skin of my teeth)

Worlds Without End – Women of Genre Fiction reading challenge complete to December (think we all have a book chosen for us now).

Plus, took part in Vintage Sci Fi by Little Red Reviewer, the Sci Fi Experience by Stainless Steel Droppings, Once Upon a Time and  Readers Imbibing Peril by Stainless Steel Droppings.  Completed 4 books out of my Classics Club list.  Took part in readalongs for The Wee Free Men, Wintersmith and I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett, The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham and Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch.

To start off 2014 I will be taking part in a readalong of Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings – the details are here – and I believe there may be goodies so come on over (to the dark side) and sign yourself up now – really, it’s going to be awesome!

That’s it for me.

Happy New Year


33 Responses to “My best reads for 2013”

  1. jessicabookworm

    Happy New Year! Wow well done you have got through some books, challenges and read-a-longs in 2013, here’s to 2014 being as good if not better 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      Thanks Jessica. I look forward to reading more of your reviews next year. I hope you had an amazing 2013 and wish for all kinds of loveliness to come your way next year.
      Thanks for being a great book blogging buddy!
      Lynn 😀

  2. Lynn E. O'Connacht

    Whoo! Congratulations on finishing the challenges!

    Sounds like a lovely top list! ^-^ Hopefully I’ll get around to reading Zoo City next year. It’s been on my pile for a while.

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, I confess I had to push myself in December. I did in fact read a couple of shorter novels in order to fit so many in this month, but, that being said, I also read a few longer ones which I suppose offsets it.
      I wish you all the best for 2014 – definitely I hope you read Zoo City – Lauren Beukes is such a good writer.
      Lynn 😀

      • Lynn E. O'Connacht

        Does length matter so much then? *curious* I’ve never paid much attention to length beyond how it affects my hands and fits into my luggage until this year. A lot of what I read were individually published short stories or novellas.

        I’m thinking of keeping Zoo City for spring, but I admit I’m really curious about it! I’ve mostly been focusing on finishing up my paper TBR pile, so I should be able to find it a spot this year. ^_^ Do you have any books you really want to get to in 2014?

      • lynnsbooks

        I have so many books that are coming out in 2014 that it’s actually a little bit daunting – I feel a list might be necessary!
        I don’t think the length of the book matters to be honest except that in reading quite a lot of fantasy they usually tend to be real chunksters – so obviously, if you’re reading a book thats 1000 pages you could probably have read 3 books during the same time period. If you read all heavy duty books like this it just doesn’t help with some of your reading challenges so you simply have to temper it a little bit with a few more reasonable length books. Feels a bit like cheating but it isn’t really.
        Happy 2014 to you. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
        Lynn ;D

      • Lynn E. O'Connacht

        I have so many books that are coming out in 2014 that it’s actually a little bit daunting – I feel a list might be necessary!

        Eeep! That sounds like a lot of books! If you do make a list, I’d love to see it, though. I may nab titles off it to add my wishlists. ^-~ (I probably will, really.)

        Feels a bit like cheating but it isn’t really.

        Definitely not cheating, no! Though I admit it does feel like that a little. I hadn’t thought of the effect of chunksters, even though in hindsight I really should have. That’s definitely true even if you read pretty fast. And having something shorter in between chunksters makes for a lovely palate cleanser too. ^-^

      • lynnsbooks

        Yep, definitely not cheating – otherwise all us bloggers would be cheats!!

        Henceforth all the little in-between novels can be called sorbet flings! (Actually, I quite like that now I’ve said it.

        And, yes, I love lists too!

        Lynn 😀

  3. Michael

    I love end of the year lists. They always help me find a couple of new things to try in the new year! I’m curious to try a couple of the books you listed here.

    Happy New Year!

    • lynnsbooks

      Thanks Michael. Hope you have some great reading experiences next year and a wonderful 2014.
      Lynn 😀

  4. Mark Lawrence

    Thanks Lynn! Sorry about your sofa… 🙂

  5. Carl V. Anderson

    I think you should have went ahead and cheated, that way you could have told us about even more books! 🙂

    The Emperor’s Soul is one of my favorite Sanderson stories. I’ve read it twice, once for myself and once aloud to my wife. Such a great story in such a small package.

    I need to give Zoo City a read, it sounds like such a great book. I go back and forth about The Shining Girls as I’m not a big fan of serial killer stories.

    So happy to have shared your reading/blogging year.

    (Just as an FYI, R.I.P. stands for “Readers Imbibing Peril”, and is simply a play off of Rest in Peace). 😉

    • lynnsbooks

      Hahaha – what on earth – it’s funny how you read something a couple of times and still don’t see the mistakes!! RIP – I know what it means but I’m a massive doghead. I’ve obviously corrected this. 😀
      I loved The Emperor’s Soul – such a lovely book and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to that world.
      Zoo City is really good – I think you’d really like it. The Shining Girls not so sure about. I liked it, especially the premise, but it can be a little bit gruesome in parts.
      It’s been such a fun reading year – I love all your events and readalongs and I hope it doesn’t put any pressure on you if I say I hope for many more next year!
      Have a lovely 2014 – all my best wishes to you and your family.
      Lynn 😀

      • Carl V. Anderson

        That is kind of what I expected about The Shining Girls so I appreciate your assessment. I’ve liked what I’ve read about Lauren Beukes and really want to try her fiction.

        I too would happily return to the world of The Emperor’s Soul and would love to follow that character in some other stories.

  6. Genki Jason

    End of year lists are always hard and I usually have a joint number one somewhere. And a joint number two. Three. Four. I’ll be sure to check out the books in your top ten since you have good taste which is somewhat similar to mine.

    100 books in a year? That’s an awesome achievement! I hope you get more in 2014 and it’s a great year. Happy New Year! 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      Thanks Jason. Glad we share these book (and film) tastes. Meant to put my favourite film of the year on there but forgot – Untouchable – love that movie!
      100 books in a year was a struggle this time (I did used to read more but all this chatting with friends through blogs kind of swallows up the hours before you know it!)
      Now, off to party hard!!
      Have a fantastic 2014, I’m already looking forward to all your film reviews.
      Lynn 😀

  7. Raquel Moritz

    I haven’t read any of them, except “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” (that I also put on my top list) and, if it counts, the first book of The Broken Empire. It had arrived in Brazil only this year (but in an awesome edition, so it’s forgivable).

    I’ve read 71 books this year, and found so many incredible books. It’s hard to list the favourites, but someone has to do it.

    Amazing list, darling, I’ll come by more often. 🙂

    Best regards!!!! Happy new year!

    • lynnsbooks

      The Broken Empire is the best series I’ve read for a long while – so glad you’re enjoying it too! I love finding people with similar opinions. I checked out your list too btw! 😀
      It is really hard to find your favourites – to be honest I stop reading books if I’m not enjoying so pretty much everything on my blog (within reason) I like. I hope you do come by more often – you should defo check out some of these authors and give me some of your recommendations – I want your absolute ‘I love these books’.
      Happy New Year to you, all the best for 2014 and thanks for stopping by looking forward to discussion next year.
      Lynn 😀

  8. Tanya Patrice

    Zoo City is such a crazy book – in a good way!

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah – definitely crazy, but good. I really enjoyed it.
      Lynn 😀

  9. TracyK

    Lots of authors here that are new to me. Will have to follow up on them. I am interested in trying Lauren Beukes, and thanks for the information on Zoo City and The Shining Girls.

    And I make the same mistake with the R.I.P. challenge. I call it Rest in Peace when I am talking to my husband all the time. Even though I know that isn’t the real name.

    • lynnsbooks

      Lauren Beukes is really good. So glad I’ve found her books out!
      RIP – I’m a maniac! Can’t believe I put that but I know what you mean, in my brain that’s what it means.
      Lynn 😀

  10. susanbright

    Every time I read someones list of favorite books, I realize how many good books I missed this year! Happy New Years!

    • lynnsbooks

      That’s the biggest problem isn’t it – you sort of get book envy and your tbr goes off the charts!
      Happy 2014 to you.
      Lynn 😀

  11. Maija Reads

    Great list! Robin Hobb is one of my absolute favourite fantasy authors, I’m glad you picked up her book. I have The Lies of Locke Lamora and Prince of Thorns on my shelf, and I’ll be reading them next year, so I’m glad that their sequels were on your list. I think I’ll pick up Sarah Pinborough’s fairy tale books when I want a quick read, you make them sound so good!

    • lynnsbooks

      Actually, I love the Pinborough books – they are quick reads, they’re quirky and twisted and they feel like a lovely interlude between the more chunky books that most fantasy tend to be.
      I hope you enjoy Lynch and Lawrence. I think they’re brilliant (but them I’m not exactly on my own with that opinion!)
      Looking forward to the next Hobb – it was lovely to go and see her giving a talk. She came across so well and was really interesting – plus, even though I’ve only read the one book so far – I loved the Fool so it was interesting that she said she was writing a book from his POV.
      Lynn 😀

      • Maija Reads

        The Fool is one of my favourite characters in anything ever. 🙂 I hope to be able to see Hobb somewhere someday.

      • lynnsbooks

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to see Hobb in 2014. I loved the Fool.
        Lynn 😀

  12. Grace

    Great selections!

    The Emperor’s soul was incredible. I must have forgotten to review it, even though I loved it. Oops. 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      Are you sure? I’m positive I read something from you about loving The Emperor’s Soul – maybe it was just a comment on somebody else’s review? Such a good book – I would gladly return to that world.
      Lynn 😀

      • Grace

        I mentioned in an Instagram challenge back during Armchair BEA, but never actually reviewed it. It baffles me that I didn’t though.

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