The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: Ghoul Goblin

I just finished reading Ghoul Goblin which is a graphic novel combining six comics plus extras such as a summary of the series.  The story is set in the world of Harry Dresden and is a completely unique story (as oppose to being one of the already written books turned into graphic format).

I enjoyed this.  I can’t say that I’ve read extensively of graphic novels, because frankly I haven’t, but I find it’s something that I think I could quite easily become enamoured with!  That being said, I’m clearly no expert – I just like what I like – so, if I come up with a pile of gibberish in the eyes of all the experts out there than that’s my defence!

The story in Ghoul Goblin revolves around a family that seem to have been the subject of a curse.  Harry becomes involved when one of the local lawmen seeks his help following a couple of grisly murders of two of the Talbot family members.  This involves Harry travelling away from his usual Chicago stomping ground to the quiet town of Boon Mill in Missouri.  Of course not everybody there is pleased to make his acquaintance and he becomes particularly unpopular after causing havoc at the funeral for the most recently deceased.  The story involves near death experiences with a ghoul and a goblin, being thrown into a cell by the local law – who think he’s some sort of charlatan and seeking the help of a guardian spirit.  Something which is far from easy and involves encountering a rather large, okay huge, snake.

What I particularly liked about this is it’s a unique storyline that fans haven’t read before.  It gives everybody a little snippet of Harry whilst they’re waiting for further instalments and it brings together all the usual Harry trademarks.  The duster, Bob, the VW and Harry’s strange aversion to anything electronic, or more to the point the fact that he’s the glitch in the system.  It was also interesting to read a story about Harry accompanied by graphics – although I think Butcher does such an amazing job in the books that visuals aren’t really necessary. I thought the graphics were well done, the story, although obviously much shorter than I’m used to when reading about Harry, was intriguing and the overall experience of reading a graphic novel is so refreshingly different, almost less intense, than reading a novel (or do I just like ogling the pictures!)

In terms of criticisms.  I didn’t have anything major although I felt like the graphics could have been slightly darker.  That could simply be that my only experience with graphic novels is the Sandman series which is very dark but the Dresden Files is certainly not a series aimed at a YA audience.  It can be quite violent and doesn’t shy away from the grim and harsh realities of the strange world that Harry inhabits.  I think I wanted more creep factor is all but this wasn’t enough to spoil the experience for me.

I think if you love Harry and you’re just dying for your fix then this will be a great pick me up in between instalments.

I received this from Net Galley in exchange for a honest review.  The above is my own opinion.


2 Responses to “The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: Ghoul Goblin”

  1. TBM

    Funny I was just thinking this morning that I need to read book two of the series. I know–I’m so far behind!

  2. lynnsbooks

    I’m actually pretty far behind – or, put another way – I’m taking my time to catch up and savouring the experience.
    Lynn 😀

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