Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, readalong week 2

Okay,  this week I’m doing a good impression of the White Rabbit.  “Me, late, with my reputation!”  This actually wasn’t my fault as I was on holiday.  So, I’m playing catch up.  I’ve read the book but will keep my posts separate and check everyone’s posts out in order.  Below are the questions for week 2 of the Wintersmith readalong provided by the Lovely Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow.  Week 3 will follow shortly!  If you haven’t been joining in we are about to pick up the next book in the Tiffany Aching series anytime and if you want to join in the two hosts are:

Dab of Darkness and Over the Effing Rainbow.

Also, if you haven’t started this series right now would be a good point to stop reading as spoilers will follow:

  1.  “I’m not here…” At Miss Treason’s funeral, we see Tiffany get the better of the Feegles, sneaky though they are! What do you think of the way Tiffany’s ‘witching’ is getting better here?  She’s really coming along isn’t she?  Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t really much actual ‘witching’ going on.  More, sixth sense and common sense and I think that’s true of this situation.  Tiffany is smart enough to realise what the Feegles are up to.  Such a funny part of the book though (well, every time the Feegles are involved everything turns slightly hysterical!)
  2. It’s decided that Annagramma gets the cottage, at the meeting of witches – but we learn that Mistress Weatherwax put Tiffany forward for it. Do you think Tiffany should have gotten the cottage?  No.  Or at least I didn’t really want her to.  She’s just so young – I know it shouldn’t matter but I want her to carry on with her ‘witching apprenticeship’.  I admit that’s she’s very sensible in some respects and has her head screwed on (in the right direction as well which is a comfort) but I suppose I want her to be allowed to be young for a little while longer.
  3. Nanny Ogg appears at last, to take Tiffany in while the wintersmith’s about. Next to Mistress Weatherwax, she’s my favourite of the witches! What do you think of her so far?  I love Nanny Ogg.  She’s a riot, not to mention seems perfectly capable of being friends with, whilst standing up to, Mistress Weatherwax.
  4. We learn a little more about “the dance” that Tiffany interrupted, now – and I love the summer-winter mythology that’s explained to her here. What’s your take on the effect it’s having on Tiffany (and her feet)? And do you think we’ll be seeing more of the Summer Lady as well as the Wintersmith?  Both the elementals are now involved with Tiffany.  The Wintersmith because of his infatuation and Summer because it feels like she’s teaching Tiffany a bit of a lesson.  It will be interesting to see how both these pan out and I definitely think we will see more of Summer.
  5. Poor Annagramma … I’m starting to have a little more sympathy for her now, as she turns up desperately seeking skulls! Do you think she’s got what it takes to be a good witch, when it counts? Or is her case as hopeless as it seems?  I think that she will probably be okay.  Let’s face it she’s pretty thick skinned so failure doesn’t seem to be something that she will ever acknowledge!  I’m not sure she’ll ever make a good witch – at least in the traditional sense – it feels like she thinks more of it as a ‘glamorous’ role rather than actually getting down to the nitty gritty and actually helping people but it could be that she learns her lesson and sees sense?
  6. Oh, dear. Rob Anybody has a Plan … With all of the seriousness surrounding what Tiffany’s gotten herself into, do you think the Feegles can help her this time? Or are even they in over their heads?  I absolutely have faith in the Feegles.  Frankly I would love a little band of these critters following me around!  They’re the stars of the show.

Part 3 to follow soon.

The other readers joining in as follows:

Dab Of Darkness

Coffee, Cookies and Chili Peppers

Tethyan Books

Over the Effing Rainbow

6 Responses to “Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, readalong week 2”

  1. nrlymrtl

    Yes, I agree. Tiffany has plenty more learning to do and she might simply not be the right witch for Mrs. Treason’s people. She also always gets pulled back to the Chalk.

    You’re right about Annagramma having thick skin – even if she must dress it up appropriately and use the correct vowels, etc. I expect she must have pretty thick skin to apprentice under Mrs. Earwig, who criticizes everything.

    So glad you had the time to join us!

    • lynnsbooks

      I wish I’d been able to keep to schedule to be honest but I tried to do a couple of things whilst away and they went horribly wrong so I gave it up as a bad job!

      Lynn 😀

      • nrlymrtl

        I hope they didn’t go too horribly wrong – no amputations or such, right?

      • lynnsbooks

        Phew, no amputations. Just a few horrendous auto corrected words, bad formatting and a poor little android tablet that simply couldn’t cope. Still, what you gonna do! Anyway, I’m catching up. Just drafted my Part III answers (for tomorrow) and will start part I of the Midnight book tomorrow! Can’t wait for ROT – loved it to pieces!!!
        Lynn 😀

  2. tethyanbooks

    Welcome back!! I agree with you about Tiffany. She might be sensible enough to handle it, but she deserves to have a little more childhood.

    • lynnsbooks

      I’m enjoying sort of watching her grow up. In a way it reminds me of Harry Potter and also in that each book seems to get a little darker.
      Lynn 😀

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