Shadow of the Sun by Barbara Friend Ish, readalong

This week we finish the final chapters of our readalong of Shadow of the Sun.  If you haven’t yet picked up the book, well, it might be a tad late to join in this readalong but it’s never to late to get involved in the story.  So, without further ado let’s dive right in with the Q&A and, of course, beware of spoilers.

1) These final chapters show us much more of Iminor’s character and his growing Talent. What stuck out the most for you about how he handled the various exploding aspects of his life?

I liked the change in Iminor – it felt like he’s finally coming into his own.  He’s no longer sitting on Letitia’s coattails.  He’s a warrior now who can hold his own and suddenly seems to have developed a certain level of confidence.  I think as well that he’s finally realised what Ellion and Letitia are up to, but, rather than cause a stink he’s handling it.  I liked the way he behaved in these last few chapters.

2) While Rohini is a late addition to the party, she is an interesting one. What aspect of her character or objectives would you like to see more of in forthcoming book(s)?

I like Rohini.  She doesn’t take nonsense from anyone and just gets stuck in.  She was so naffed off with Ellion when she realised he could reverse the badness from the Basghilae? and could have saved her fellow warrior – although, she didn’t really stop for a parley there did she – talk about off with his head!!  But, yes, I would like to see more of her – she’s got attitude.

3) Amien has been managing and maneuvering Ellion quite a bit in this last section. What do you think his motivations are?

I think his motivations are now out there.  He sees the potential in Ellion and wants him to stop with his vow.  I suppose he’s been quietly manipulating the situation – even right at the end engineering a meeting with Ellion and Letitia.  He basically wants Ellion to start with the magic again.

4) Letitia continued to learn more about her abilities, but everyone agrees she still lacks the ability to go toe to toe with Nechton. What more would you empower her with?

She needs a massive confidence boost.  I think part of the way she has acted with Ellion is because it made her feel good at a time when she was feeling really low.  I don’t think it would do any harm either if people started to communicate a little better!

5) Throughout this entire book, the deities have played an important, if a backseat driver, role. As a reader, how as this worked for you in the world-building/plot department?

I suppose it’s the focus really for what’s going on in more ways than one.  After all, Ellion thinks he’s out of favour with the Gods and that’s what’s driven him into his current situation and also I think this whole thing with Nechton is based on a pact with some of the darker deities maybe.

6) We had yet one more assassination attempt in the hot water baths of Sucello. Now that we are at the end of the book, what are your insights into who is behind these attempts?

Well, as we all know by now I’m pretty useless at this second guessing thing. I begin to wonder now whether it’s all the same enemy.  I mean it does seem as though this assassin is unable to die which is fairly similar to the Bagshilae after all.  Perhaps Nechton wants Ellion out of the way because he realises that he’s a bigger threat – or perhaps it’s more that together Letitia and Ellion could pose a bigger threat?

7) Bealtan reveals much about our narrative hero, Ellion. From his reuniting with Conar, to the revelation of Amien’s intentions, to his argument with Letitia, and his own internal recriminations about himself. Here at the end, what are your lasting impressions of Ellion?

MMm, well, I’ve been a little bit outspoken about Ellion.  He’s a mixed bag for me personally.  I certainly wouldn’t mind having him around in a fix and I admit that he’s not shy of getting involving in the thick of things.  However, at times I’ve found him exasperating and have wanted him to just, well, grow up a bit.  Basically, he’s not a bad character, just conflicted, and that’s what makes him a bit frustrating.  Won’t use his natural ability and then beats himself up if someone dies.  Doesn’t think he’s worthy of Letitia but then when she basically says he could be her consort feels insulted!  Come on mate – make up your mind.  Anyway, he seems to have eventually reached a decision about his course of action so it will be interesting to see how he changes as a result.  I think all the denial he has inflicted on himself has not been helpful to him personally soI look forward to seeing how this affects his character.

Finally, a massive thanks to Susan for hosting this and coming up with all the talking points and also a massive thanks to Barbara for becoming personally involved and for sharing her comments with us, not to mention putting up with a lot of b/s from me as I yammer on!

Book 2???


7 Responses to “Shadow of the Sun by Barbara Friend Ish, readalong”

  1. barbarafriendish

    Thank you very, very much for participating in this project and sharing your thoughts! I got a lot of good thinking–and some giggles–out of watching you think & discuss. As to the Book 2 question: the next volume in the series, The Heart of Darkness, is slated for publication next spring. This time there will be four different points of view: Ellion, Iminor, Letitia, and a new character, Leahy. And, I hope, a lot of surprises. You can see more about it here:

    Thanks for the fun, and the thought-provoking insights!

    • lynnsbooks

      Hah, I think I would enjoy some different POV – particularly Iminor! Should be interesting.
      Thanks for putting up with me!
      Lynn 😀

  2. barbarafriendish

    “Putting up with” you–LOL! You made it fun. 🙂

  3. nrlymrtl

    I too really liked how Iminor came into his own in this last part of the book. It is good to hear that we will see more of him in Book 2, because really, all that we saw in this book is that he can be a gentleman and that he has incredible self control – he didn’t punch Ellion in the nose when he learned him and Letitia were bumping uglies.

    I really enjoy that Ellion is a conflicted character – and conflicted for me to like him. I especially wanted to tie him up and throw him in a river, at least for a little while, when I learned that he could save Iminor from the Basghilae death spell. True, he had not fully understood the spell until that point. However, he had never tried to before then. And yes, he beats himself up over that. Still, perhaps some refreshingly cold stream will help him think better.

    • lynnsbooks

      I think I’m going to enjoy reading about Iminor – I’m hoping that he’s going to play a bigger part! I think a quick punch in the face could do Ellion some good – or a dip in the stream!
      Lynn 😀

  4. Amy

    Iminor did become his own person and I’m glad he’s going to be around. I can’t wait for him to knock out Ellion. Oh, it’s gonna happen. I know it!

    Letitia needs so much confidence. I feel bad for her but she needs to put on big girl pants and figure a few things out for herself.

    Ellion is conflicted but I like him. I do wish he’d make some better decisions though. He does need to grow up.

    I’m waiting for book 2 too!

    • lynnsbooks

      So, checklist:
      boxing gloves – check
      big girl’s knickers – check
      therapist – check
      book 2 – check
      Lynn 😀

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