Books I’m bursting at the seams to read in 2013…

Well, it’s not like I really need to add any more books to my ever mounting stacks (not to mention growing list on the Kindle – and btw how did that happen!) but here goes.  Anyway, need schmeed – books are good, books are our friend, we likes em. As with my ‘best of‘ post these are in no particular order (other than the random workings of my brain) and the expected dates or none dates are not intended as criticisms or prompts (yes, of course, I would like all my favourite authors to write a book a month if they could possibly manage it but I’m a little bit more realistic than that at the end of the day – and anyway, I’d sooner have the work finished to the author’s intended standard and not rushed out and ruined because of my eager impatience!):

  1. Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence – due August (AUGUST!!) (keep repeating ‘patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue’ much overrated)
  2. Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch – according to Amazon due July???  (Maybe September??) Any news on this release date most gratefully received (keep repeating mantra from above).
  3. The Daylight War by Peter Brett – due Feb, conclusion of the Demon Trilogy – nope – apparently this isn’t a trilogy but a quintet – happy days (maybe even six books and some spin offs – but I could be wrong and frequently am so don’t be quoting me on that)!
  4. Sworn in Steel by Douglas Hulick – due Jan? *stops typing and goes to order a copy*
  5. Wool (trilogy) by Hugh Howey – due Jan, hearing lots of good things about this so excited already!
  6. American Elsewhere by Robert J Bennet – due Feb, can’t wait (will have to, but can’t – how’s that going to work out for me!)
  7. The Doors of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss – no idea when this is due but I’m muchly looking forward to it even it it’s 2015 (hoping sooner than that though if possible Mr Rothfuss – pretty please, in fact pretty please with a cherry on top, okay ten cherries)!
  8. Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman – don’t know too much about this but it’s another Angry Robots book and I like the sound of it
  9. The Marching Dead by Lee Battersby – ditto the above
  10. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – June/July (*dances a jig*)

Okay, sort of looking back it does look like I’m focusing mainly on fantasy there.  That was quite unintentional but what can I say – there’s some good books coming out in 2013.  Just to counterbalance that I will be reading lots of Sci fi and Vintage sci fi as part of two events at the start of the year – sci fi reading event hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings and Vintage Sci Fi hosted by Andrea at the Little Red Reviewer (check them both out if you enjoy reading good books and discussion with loads of top blogging people).  I’m also reading Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight as part of a readalong on Carl’s sci fi event and will be looking forward to lots of other new releases that are too numerous to go into!  Oh, and I’ll be doing some fun reading ‘things’ (not yet fully drawn up) with Dark Cargo during the year!

Let the good times commence and happy reading to everyone in 2013 😀


22 Responses to “Books I’m bursting at the seams to read in 2013…”

  1. nrlymrtl

    I am also really looking forward to the next Patrick Rothfuss and the next Scott Lynch (but guys, don’t rush! Make it as perfect as you want, just know you have fans out here). I am also looking forward to the next Brandon Sanderson (hoping it is the sequel to The Way of Kings).

    • lynnsbooks

      I’ve ordered one by Sanderson but can’t remember the name – The Empress?? Looking forward to that.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Aunt Amelia

    And you will keep house and cook and take care of all the family stuff, when???? -giggggggggggggles-

    I know! Don’t ask!

    So I am ducking, running and hiding…


    • lynnsbooks

      Ha ha, my little hobby fills those empty moments – LOLOLOL!!
      Lynn 😀

  3. Genki Jason

    Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch… It’s a date!

    • lynnsbooks

      So excited about that book!! We should read at the same time and exchange notes!!
      Lynn 😀

      • Genki Jason

        Sounds good to me. I’ll bombard you with weird notions like clockwork maids again 😉

  4. Booky Pony

    Lawrence (even without having read KoT, I’m still excited about this), Lynch (fingers crossed this is finally the year!), Rothfuss (hnnnngh how can I wait?) and Hulick! When Republic of Thieves comes out I will probably shut myself into my room for whatever length of time it’ll take to read it and murder anyone who dares to even think of disturbing me.

    • lynnsbooks

      I know. Really, I can’t wait for all these books. When Lynch finally comes out I’m sure we’re all going to go into hiding just to read it for a full day and night – then we all need to come out an have some sort of mental discussion. I can hardly wait. As for Rothfuss. I have no idea when this is due but really I can’t wait. I’ll have to. But I cant. Now, Lawrence, he passed all my expectations this year. Really, KoT was absolutely brilliant, I’m not kidding. I literally can’t wait for you to read this book. Just really, go and buy any old copy and read it! I so want to know what you think.
      Lynn 😀

      • Booky Pony

        We should totally arrange some sort of Republic of Thieves post-reading freak out thing! 😀 It would be so much fun, and good venting of feels (as I’m certain there will be lots of them).
        I liked Wise Man’s Fear so much I’m expecting pretty much miracles from the third one. xD I don’t think there’s any kind of date yet, although I think somewhere it said it could be around 2014?
        I’ll be shortly ordering KoT – found the edition I want but it’s not in stock so I have to wait a bit!

      • lynnsbooks

        Yes, I think I may over-hype myself in terms of the next Patrick Rothfuss book.
        Glad you found KoT – Mark Lawrence earlier today via Twitter was saying that Amazon have not had his books in stock since beginning of November! Not very good for books sales really!
        We should arrange something for RoT – I’m definitely freaking out waiting for a date for the release. I need to chill a bit more!
        Lynn 😀

      • Booky Pony

        I’m just afraid that new Rothfuss comes out at a time when I have very little time to read, ’cause if the previous books are any indicator it’s going to be kinda big. xD
        I saw Mark’s tweet too… It really isn’t good for the sales! Bookdepository has got the hardcover, but not the trade paper back. But you’d think they’ll re-stock in January?
        I’m going to explode the day Scott announces the release date. And then drive my friends nuts talking about it! ;D Chilling would do me good, too – at the moment I can barely look at the books on my shelf without wanting to read them!

      • lynnsbooks

        OMG The Wise Man’s Fear took me a week to read – it was such a huge book I had to sit with it propped up on a cushion on my knee!
        I’ve read a few things since my piece that suggest even though ‘people’ are trying to be optimistic about a 2013 date for RoT it might not happen! Boo 😦
        Oh well, I think I would be happier if I just knew for sure – if someone just said, okay, it’s not coming out until 2014 then I could just stop hankering after it and get on with everything else!
        Chilling is good. Don’t look at your shelves – the books on their seem to have the ability to make you feel guilty 😀

      • Booky Pony

        It took me about a week, too, and I was so hooked I even dragged it to uni with me to read between classes. xD Thinking back, that wasn’t very smart, what with the book being so huge.
        I’d like to have a certainty with RoT, too. I don’t care if it comes out in 2020, I’d just like to know whether there’s any sense in hoping. It’s going to be a little baffling when it gets announced though, you know, because we’ve been waiting for it for so long. I’m kind of used to the idea that there’s only two books. 😛
        There are indeed a couple of things on my shelves that make me feel extremely guilty! Couple of books that I’ve had for a long time but haven’t managed to read keep glaring at me. But I’ll get to them eventually~!

      • lynnsbooks

        Ha ha, books are such guilt trippers!
        Lynn 😀

  5. Carl V.

    I’m certainly looking forward to the Gaiman. It has been far too long since he has had a new novel come out. I wish they would get off the stick and put together a new short story collection for him as well because there are more than enough short stories he has published since the Fragile Things collection to make another book.

    I would be looking forward to the Rothfuss but I still have A Wise Man’s Fear to read, 🙂

    So glad you’ll be reading Wool.

    • lynnsbooks

      I think he’s releasing a couple of books from what I read – one is a children’s book (but that, of course, doesn’t mean we can’t read it). We’ve got quite a lot to look forward to in 2013.
      I wonder when Patrick Rothfuss will release his next book – not next year I don’t think. Still really looking forward to Lynch.
      Lynn 😀

      • Carl V.

        Yes, the children’s book art looks great. I’ll probably be picking that one up as well.

  6. Redhead

    there’s a date for the Lynch?? OMFG. he’s been very quiet online recently, I hope everything is ok, and that that is a legit date. i am hopeful!!

    2012 was a pretty good book year for me, not as good as I wanted, so happy to know 2013 is going to be a truly excellent book year!!

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, to be honest I’m not overly confident about that date because I’ve heard mixed things! But Amazon have 13th July as the release date. Like I say, not sure. I saw something on the web that suggested the date was pushed back to 2014 – I really hope not 😦 Still, have decided to think positive thoughts (making with the positive vibes and all that – you never know!)
      Still plenty of other books to look forward to. Not to mention lots of vintage sci fi!
      Lynn 😀

  7. TBM

    I love your excitement. One of my goals for 2013 is not to buy any new books until I read more of the books I own–so these will have to be on my list for 2014. Gaiman is tempting though.

    • lynnsbooks

      I think that’s a really good idea and something I should aspire to! Unfortunately buying a kindle has not stopped my pile from growing in fact if anything it’s made me worse. This whole ‘one click’ buying is too easy and addictive!! Not good. At least it doesn’t add to the stacks though.
      Lynn 😀

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