Envy by Elizabeth Miles

Just finished reading Envy by Elizabeth Miles which is the second in the series the first book being Fury.  Set in Ascension we again follow the story through Em with the alternating voice being taken up by a new girl to the school and neighbourhood – Skylar.  If you haven’t read the first book and intend on doing so then you should probably avoid the rest of this review for fear of spoilers.

Skylar has secrets in her past.  Secrets that she doesn’t want to reveal.  She’s been taken under the wing of the most popular girl at school – Gabby (Em’s best friend) and she has her mind set on becoming very popular.  Nothing is going to stand in her way – but her past mustn’t come out!

Em meanwhile has a number of things going on in her life – she’s changing, although she can’t quite pinpoint how.  JD – her next door neighbour and the boy that she discovered she has strong feelings for – is not speaking to her and she is desperate to restore their friendship although this is made difficult by the pact of secrecy she made with the Furies at the end of book No.1 – a pact which means she must not talk of or reveal anything about them.  She’s still best friends with Gaby but now also hangs with a different crowd, mainly Drea who helped her figure things out about the Fury’s in the first instalment and provides the same sort of role in this book, and Crow – a drop out from school who plays and writes his own music and is strangely attracted to Em.  I must admit I liked Crow and thought he was a good addition.

As with the first book, I enjoyed Envy – but this doesn’t mean that I don’t have niggles!

I like the writing style of the author.  She does a good job of conjuring up the place and of course being the second in the series we’re already familiar with some of the people and their motivations.  I like the way she manages to build the suspense.  You know that something simply awful is going to take place and you’re cringing with anticipation.  I also think, as with the first book there are a number of points where the author manages to make you feel a bit ‘creeped out’.  She has a way of making you feel that somebody is watching you, out of sight.  It’s a bit of a freaky feeling really.

In terms of criticisms.  Well, fairly similar to book number one.  Again, it’s difficult to like the characters.  Skylar is quite frankly a horrible and deceitful person with no redeeming features.  I just really didn’t like her – and again, I don’t think you’re supposed to otherwise it would be difficult to accept any kind of punishment that the Furies will eventually mete out.  Em also is difficult to like.  She’s not a particularly good friend to either of the two girls who she claims to be friends with.  She only really bothers with Drea because she needs her help and Gaby she barely sees.  She seems to spend a lot of time thinking about JD or running around looking for the Furies but never really properly engaging with anyone.  I think I also found it difficult to believe that Gaby would be so forgiving of her and still claim to be her best friend.  At the end of the day I would be very hard pressed to still think of someone as my best friend if they slept with my boyfriend – and perhaps that makes me a bad person but I just don’t see how you would still have the same level of trust?

Criticisms aside – and it does look as though I have a few.  I did enjoy the book.  This series is very readable due to the writing style.  The content is also fairly original – well, being set in high school and having all sorts of love triangles going on is not necessarily original.  But, if you’re reading YA you have to expect that.  What is original is the tale of the Furies.  I like the use of Greek Mythology in the story and the Furies really don’t come across as the type of avenging goddesses who will be easily appeased.  To be frank I think that the presence of the Furies in these books is underplayed and they should have more exposure.  They definitely bring the horror element out a little more and manage to conjure a ‘Carrie-esque’ style ending to Envy.

I will definitely read No.3 – I need to know how this all ends now.

Greek myth/goddesses, horror and creepiness – I’m submitting this for my R.I.P. event.  Check out the details here.


3 Responses to “Envy by Elizabeth Miles”

  1. TBM

    I took your advice and didn’t read the whole review just in case I pick up this series. I like the myths, horror and creepiness concept. I hope all is well!

  2. lynnsbooks

    All is good thanks and I hope you enjoy your friend’s visit.
    I do like a book that makes me go and look up where the idea originated from. In this case the Furies or Erinyes – very interesting.
    Lynn 😀

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