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Posted On 11 August 2012

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I’ve been tagged by Tanya at green pawpaw to join in with book tag.  This is the first time I’ve taken part in this and it seems a pretty fun thing so my answers are below.  Thanks Tanya – and, sorry, had to bring Gaiman into this – got Coraline and American Gods sat waiting to be read.

Firstly there are rules!  The first rule is that I have to post the rules.  I also have to answer the questions set by the person who tagged me.  I then have to think of 11 other people to tag, let them know they’ve been tagged and give them 11 questions to answer.  Easy really!

So, there’s the rules.  Now to choose who to tag (if you don’t want to take part, no worries, but it would be great to hear your answers! – ha, no pressure then!!) (Actually, I must confess that my first thought was ‘how on earth would I choose ?  And do I even know enough people? – trauma!  – not really, as it happens I quite enjoyed making my list (gonna turn into a listing maniac now)).

1. Little Red Reviewer – I love this blog and it’s where I get most of my books recommendations from.

2. Genkinahaito – movie reviews, anime and manga, very interesting

3. Booky pony – reads a metric tonne of books (how is it even possible?)

4. Books Without Pictures – (Grace, I know you’ve already been tagged so I’ll put your link up! – couldn’t leave you off though)

5. 50 Year Project – a great blog, really interesting, loads going on, stories through pictures, travel, everything..

6. Nashville Book Worm – books and movie reviews, check it out!

7. The Jane Doe Novel Experience – a really interesting idea/experiment, writing a novel and posting chapters on her blog.

8. Novel Girl – lots of advice for would-be writers, book reviews not to mention writing her own novel

9. A Garden Carried in Your Pocket – the name alone (come on!) – lots of book reviews, very creative, sewing, gardening, quilting!

10. pixmuse – a lovely blog, creative with pictures for all seasons

11. Stainless Steel Droppings – without who I probably wouldn’t even know most of you!!!

And now to the Q&A:

1. If you had the power to ban a certain book, or certain kinds of books, however productive the outcome may be (think Twilight or Oliver’s Story), even if you knew a huge majority of readers might thank you for it, would you?

mmmm, 50 Shades of Grey – because it’s now going to cause a literal storm of cheap-slut-porn-books, poorly written, no story, trashy sex on each page, no dialogue pulp pretending to be literature!  Rant over!  Actually, I don’t think I’d ban anything – too  controlling and people should be allowed to make their own choices.

2. What is one book you wish you had written?

I wish I could write a book!  My partner is always telling me that I read so many books that I must be able to write one!  It doesn’t really work like that.  I’m a reader not a writer but I think if I was to choose a book that I wish was mind it would either be something by Gaiman – just because I’m all loved up with his books at the moment or The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss is a writing hero!)  Or, The Troupe – because I did REALLY like that just recently.  Okay, that’s three answers (stop typing now…) No, Lord of the Rings.  STOP!!

3. You have finally achieved world domination and as new king/queen of the world, you need to fashion yourself a crown. But of course, you’re too cool for precious metals and the like. What would your crown be/be made of?

I think I’ll have a crown made of Haribo sweets – it’s gonna be messy! Plus it’s probably not going to last long.  Bit like those sweets that are on an elastic string that you have to bite off – sticky and sickly!  Actually, I’ve sort of put myself off that idea – but it’s the only thing I’m coming up with for now.  I’ll probably think of a better answer as soon as I post this!  Shells.

4. Have you ever wondered how a doggie biscuit tastes and wanted to try?

I have two dogs but to date have not had any desire to try their food!  Which isn’t to say I don’t buy them nice doggie things – they go wild for dentastix (to clean their teeth with) but I’ll just stick to my own biscuits and a toothbrush.  Perhaps if I get trapped under a heavy object in the kitchen and have no alternative…

5. Is there a book that you weren’t able to complete for whatever reason, but lied about it and told people you did? Which one?

Just recently there have been quite a few books that I just haven’t had the patience to complete.  Not sure why, but I’ve lost the will to continue to the end of a book if I’m not enjoying it.  Not sure that I’ve ever told people I’d read a book that I haven’t though.

6. Your choice of instant pick-me-up food?

Tempted to say Ben and Jerry’s.  But no.  Probably something really simple like toast – hot and buttery!

7. If there was an appendage you could add to the human anatomy (wings, talons, a tail…), what would it be?

Got to be wings.  I’ve actually dreamt of flying – really!  How cool would it be to be able to fly.  You could have an extra long lie in and still not be late for work – don’t know what your hair would look like by the time you got there – also you might be covered in bugs! (eugh!)  Still, sticking with the wings.

8. If you could go back in time and stop a famous event from taking place, what would it be and why?

The Great Fire of London, no, because then London was rebuilt, better than it was before, stronger, faster (oh, wait, I’ve moved onto the bionic man), okay, seriously, I would go back in time and make sure that Vimto was never invented – that’s not a famous event.  I think it would be to stop WWII.  Don’t know how and can’t even think of all the implications, but there it is.

9,10,11. All the book characters you’ve ever loved are people in your immediate friend circle. Who would you turn to:

a) to make a bucket list with you and go all over the world fulfilling each item on the list?  

Aragorn.  Simple as.  He’s got the phwoa factor, he’s handy in a fight!  He can read a map and won’t get you lost.  Who am I kidding – he’s just a hottie!

b) to plonk down next to you on that patch of moon land you guys bought, feel awesome, and somehow keep each other from dying of boredom until the next space shuttle comes to pick you up?  

So basically, who would I choose to be stranded with – definitely not a vampire – I’d be the only source of food after all.  Jean Tannen – obviously!  Not that I have a one track mind or anything – Aragorn for answer (a) and now Jean!

c) when the world thinks you’re responsible for the attack on the entire human race by some random scary evil alien monsters and you are the only one who knows what they want but nobody will listen to you and you need somebody to help you save the world? (Sorry. This is a question that plagues me at night.)  Superman.

I’m sticking with these questions with no changes because I’ve had a good time reading them out to my family and hearing the answers.  Surprisingly – two of my family have tried dog biscuits (why oh why, perhaps this is a testament to my cooking), chocolate was the obvious answer to the pick me up food, school books that have to be read were the most popular answers for books that you lied about reading and I’m afraid I can’t even list the answers to the extra appendage question – but you’ve all got good imaginations so use them!

Now, I can’t deny that this is a bit time consuming but I’ve really had a giggle – simply because I got everyone involved and I’ve come to the realisation that my family love daft, random questions!

I hope you’ll enjoy these and no worries if you don’t have time to take part (I won’t stalk you or anything!).

Lynn 😀

35 Responses to “Book Tag – you’re next!”

  1. Tanya

    Apologising for bringing Gaiman up? LYNN! I love the man! 😀
    I’ve got American Gods waiting for me, too, but I promised all the other books on my shelf that I’d at least give them a fair chance before I pick that one up. I’ve started and left five books unfinished, and the sad part is that I know I’d love them, I just..don’t feel like reading them.
    I’m giving Mistborn a go. I didn’t have a copy at the time that the group-read was going on, and it took all my willpower not to peek at the posts from you and Grace related to Sanderson when they landed in my inbox. After that, I have The Name of The Wind. You’ve brought it up in one of your answers, so I’m a little reassured. I need a good book after that Oliver’s Story garbage.

    Also. Have you tried Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber? I just finished that and I LOVED it. It seems like something you might like, give it a go? 🙂

    Ooo. Aragorn. Good choice. 😀

    • Grace

      I keep hearing such wonderful things about The Name of the Wind. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t started it yet… 🙂

      • Tanya

        And pretty much everyone on Goodreads has given it five stars, which is part of the reason I really need to read it and part of the reason why I can’t. 😛
        Maybe we should just pick it up and get reading, eh?

      • lynnsbooks

        That sounds like a plan! You could let me know when you’re going to read it and it would be my incentive.
        Lynn 😀

      • Grace

        Yup. Of course, I still have my ginormous TBR pile as well. One of the side effects of having a book blog is that you don’t even realize it’s happening, but suddenly you have a huge pile of books that you are incredibly excited to read and not nearly enough hours in the day… 🙂

      • lynnsbooks

        I think you would love it – but it probably doesn’t do any harm to wait. After all book 3 isn’t out yet and there were a good few years in between 1 and 2. Rothfuss is such a perfectionist but is writing is just bloody brilliant. His world building is great. I could go on…
        Lynn 😀

      • Grace

        I may save him till around when the third book comes out then, so I can read them all back to back and not have to wait. I get grumpy when I have to wait for the story to continue… 😛

      • lynnsbooks

        Ditto to that – and there really is a LONG wait between these books!
        Lynn 😀

      • Tanya

        I know exactly what you mean. Another side effect is finding so many new books that your favourite bloggers have loved that weren’t on your radar before and then you get stuck because on the one hand, you have all these wonderful books that you’ve always wanted to read, and on the other, there’s all these new books that sound positively delicious. Not that I’m complaining or anything. 😀

      • lynnsbooks

        I know – you can’t really complain about too many good books can you!
        Lynn 😀

    • lynnsbooks

      I really liked Mistborn – but, and I’m probably going to start a huge argument now – Rothfuss is IT! I loved The Name of the Wind and the Wiseman’s Fear – they are absolutely brilliant fantasy books – but, they are long, in a totally good way I felt, but just so you know they will need a good bit of your time. And, Rothfuss does like to take his sweet time in between books (of course you can forgive him as they’re so good). It might not be a bad idea to wait a little, that way you might be a bit closer to the release of the third. Not sure how many years are between the first two but it feels like a lot!
      Its really difficult not just to go on a Gaiman fest – but I’m trying to stay balanced too. Not even thought about the Sandman yet!
      Lynn 😀
      ooh, sigh, Aragorn, and Jean Tannen – now there’s a fantasy book waiting to happen!

      • Tanya

        So I should read Mistborn first, then? Good. I chose right. 🙂

        ARGH, read Sandman! I’m a huge fan of his books, you know that, but his books are nothing, *nothing* on Sandman! It’s like, with the books, there was something holding him back, something that made him latch on an appropriacy-meter to his writing. I’m going to get attacked for that comment, but once you read Sandman, you’ll know what I mean. He just let loose and went all out on those volumes! It’s like the full force of Gaiman’s crazy-genius-imagination — WHAM in your face! It’s tons more disturbing, but there’s something very..honest about the series. Brutally honest, in fact. He just finds a way to incorporate every disturbing thought you’ve ever had about the world and pushed away and he – you know what he’s like. He finds exactly the right words to voice them. What a mind.

      • lynnsbooks

        So another ‘must’ goes on the list! I knew that I had to read these but sometimes I just feel like I’ll never have the time to read everything that I want to. I need one of those little watches on a chain that turns back a few hours that Hermione had!
        Lynn 😀

      • Tanya

        Haha, the number of times I’ve wished for that! They’ve always been for book reading reasons, though. 😉

  2. Grace

    Totally hadn’t thought of school books. I’ve done that before. The first thing I learned in college was that only about 1/3 of the assigned reading would be useful on tests, and that if I did every bit of reading/homework that was assigned that I’d never get to leave my room, sleep, etc. This was especially true in those required history classes, where most of the time I’d read the primary texts that the book was talking about anyway…

    Love your idea of a Haribo crown. Sorta like a candy necklace, only stickier. 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I know, I never thought of the school book thing either – I’m such a geek I just read what I was given!
      Lynn 😀

  3. Redhead

    hope it’s OK that I’m posting my answers here? these questions alternate between cute and really difficult to answer!

    1. I need to second your answer. ugghh, what a waste of paper. I got nothing against smut, but I do have something against crappy smut.

    2. every time I read an older Neal Stephenson, I get the writing bug. So I would want to write something Stephenson-eque. but is it going to happen? ha? no way! I’ll stick with what I’m good at: writing about reading.

    3. oohh, tough one. maybe lightweight magnifying glasses of different intensities? so I could read really tiny print (damn you Gene Wolfe!) and also see cool animals that are far away? would def have to be lightweight tho!

    4. I’m not a dog person, and the few dogs I’ve been around usually have really nasty breath. I don’t want to eat something they ate. 😦

    5. probably a handful of classics. thank goodness for wikipedia.

    6.this sounds so gross, but it’s so delicious – Ramen noodles doctored up with green onions, fresh chopped ginger, and sechuan preserved mushrooms (mushrooms in chili oil). Totally my comfort food. And that reminds me, i totally need to try to make that Ginger Scald recipe you sent me the link to!

    7. prehensile tail, all the way. like a lemur’s tail!

    8. the destruction of the library at Alexandria. you see, i got this thing for libraries.

    and here are the really tough questions!!!

    9. Manny from The Moon is A Harsh Mistress. I just adore him, he’d be a ton of fun to hang out with, and I know he’d have these great observations on everything from a totally different point of view than mine. But we’d have to do all our sightseeing in low-G, because he’s from the Moon, and his body isn’t used to the higher G of Earth.

    10. ahh Lynn, I knew I loved ya for a reason, we have very similar taste in men! Except that my preference between Jean and Locke depends on which book I’ve read most recently, and right now I just can’t choose. 😉

    11. Agatha Heterodyne from Phil and Kaja Foglio’s Girl Genius series. She’d have no trouble believing there are evil scary monsters about to show up, she could McGuyver a killer lazer weapon out of a coffee maker, a few paperclips, and an old car engine. She’d kick some major ass, and we could all geek out about her inventions. Also, I might get to meet that one Jager who I sort of have a crush on.

    • Tanya

      Love your answer to question three. Magnifying glasses? Genius.

      People are coming up with some really great answers to these. 😀

    • lynnsbooks

      Ha, a lemur tail. One answer I saw to this was more arms – if you couple that with an extra head you could read two books at once (that’s just weird I know but more time to get through the pile wbr, plus, it worked for Zaphod Beeblebrock!)
      Definitely keep writing the reviews!! (I mean, if you want to take a little holiday so I can catch up….LOL)
      Screw 50 Shades (no pun intended). Marooned on a desert island with Jean – now there’s a fantasy book waiting to happen!

      • Redhead

        extra arms and another head? that is ingenious! i could read two books at once, or I could be washing dishes while the other head and set of arms is reading. . . that might be better than a tail!

      • lynnsbooks

        Let’s face it though, a tail is cute and two heads and an extra pair of arms just looks a bit odd!!

  4. "Auntie"

    Thank you for saying that you come across books which you just can’t complete… Which you don’t want to complete reading. Thank you! I’m that way. If a book “loses me,” it’s outa’here.

    • lynnsbooks

      I know – books are just too time consuming. If you’re not enjoying then put it down! That’s my new motto. I used to almost feel like it was a challenge to complete every book but I’m just not that way inclined any more (thankfully).
      Lynn 😀

  5. Novel Girl

    Thank you for tagging me! I’m thrilled. But I only get time to post once a week these days and I have to make my posts omglookatme otherwise I have to wait a fortnight for new content people want to read. And I fear people won’t care all too much about my personal life…

    • lynnsbooks

      Hi Rebecca, no worries. This is pretty time consuming to be honest and I practically felt guilty nominating people when I knew that to be the case. But I was trying for a diverse list! Hope you’re doing okay – you’ve finished your MS now – how’s it all going?
      Lynn 😀

      • Novel Girl

        Manuscript is complete and am now querying literary agents for representation. I could be querying for several months and rack up a hundred or so rejections, but fingers crossed that does NOT happen. Lol.

        I have started a new story. So that’s keepng me excited and positive. Thanks for asking! 😀

      • lynnsbooks

        I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. Hoping for good things.
        What’s your new story going to be about – or what sort of genre??
        Lynn 😀

  6. Novel Girl

    The new novel is about a girl and guy who have liked each other secretly for years and are only united when her parents are involved in a ski accident, and killed and he’s rumoured to have organised it. He isn’t guilty but the accident WAS organised and the real perpetrator is much closer to them than he knows.

    • Novel Girl

      Whoops. It’s a Literary Thriller like my first manuscript. 🙂

      • lynnsbooks

        Oh, excellent. Don’t know where you get your ideas – guess that’s why I’m a reader and not a writer!! LOL

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  8. Genki Jason

    Here are my answers to your questions!

  9. TBM

    I enjoyed your answers. My better half would steal your crown. Haribo sweets do not last long in this house and I don’t eat them much. I’m amazed by how quickly a bag will disappear. Miles loves his dentastix as well. I’ve never been tempted to eat his food, but he loves to eat mine 🙂

    Thanks so much for nominating my blog and your kind words. Have a wonderful day!!!!

    • lynnsbooks

      Ha, ha, there’d be a fight over that crown! Yes, strangely enough, both my dogs also like to eat my food.

      Hope you have a great day. Will be looking out for your next pictures.

      Lynn 😀

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