The Third Section by Jasper Kent

Posted On 12 March 2012

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Just finished reading Third Section (actually the 3rd novel in the Jasper Kent series of books).  If you haven’t read the first two novels (Twelve and Thirteen Years Later) then the rest of this post will undoubtedly contain spoilers and therefore please do not read on (unless of course spoilers are what you seek!)

If you’ve read Thirteen Years Later you’ll already be aware that Alexsei has been exiled to Siberia following his involvement in the Decembrist uprising.  Third Section brings to us two different storylines controlled now by Alexsei’s children, Tamara (Toma) and Dmitry.  Tamara now works for the Third Section and is investigating a grisly murder.  As a result of her investigations she uncovers a number of similar murders that took place in 1812 and 1825 and these in turn uncover the name of Alexsei as a potential witness to murders during both time periods.  Tamara is keen to find Dimitry to discuss the murders but also she is desperately searching for her real parents, of whom she remembers very little.  Dmitry ‘s actions are now mimicking those of his father in that he is involved in the Crimean war.  During his time at Sevastopol Dmitry is befriended by another soldier Typelov who he is soon to realise has his own motives for seeking him out.

To be totally honest I would say that this instalment was my least favourite of the three.  I felt the storylines were not as absorbing, the tension not as mmm, tense, and I don’t think I found it as rewarding reading about Tamara and Dmitry as I did reading about Alexsei.  That being said I would still  not hesitate to recommend.  Just, for me personally, it almost seems to suffer a little from ‘middle book syndrome’ (even though it isn’t the middle book) or at least it seems to be used as a vehicle for setting up the next story.

What I did particularly enjoy was the insight into the vampire mind and a little bit more of the uncovering of their true nature.  Iuda (or Yudin as he is now called) is his usually wonderful despicable and base self.  He is such a superb villain (if that is not a contradiction in terms).  He really is quite something and I must applaud Jasper Kent for giving him life.  I don’t think I can remember reading a better ‘baddie’ – if that makes sense?

I also enjoyed reading about Tamara’s escapades and uncovering her, rather sad, story.  She has plenty of character and gusto and certainly makes up for the lack of those attributes in Dmitry.  I don’t know why but I really couldn’t find myself liking Dmitry.  He seems almost like a very poor reflection of his father.  As though living in the shadow of the ‘three fingered man’ has left him wanting in a number of ways.  His character certainly doesn’t improve as you reach the conclusion but no more of that (although at least at the end he does seem to be suffering some regret).

Again, the story is a rich tapestry of well researched history, myth and horror.  The voordalaks certainly continue with their gory feasting and their appetites seems to know no bounds.  Deaths and blood are in abundance and as the conclusion approaches a number of twists are revealed.

Although this lacks the tension that had me racing to the end in Thirteen Years Later I still enjoyed the read and will without doubt pick up No.4 with eager anticipation.  I love the combination of history, horror and myth and if you want some good old fashioned vampires reminiscent of Stoker then pick up Jasper Kent.

Third Section

Third Section


8 Responses to “The Third Section by Jasper Kent”

  1. TBM

    Thanks for the spoiler alert! I didn’t read the rest of the post. Do you suggest this series?

    • lynnsbooks

      I’m really enjoying it, I like the combination of a well written story based on historical fact combined with this touch of horror. Plus, I like the Russian setting and the people and place names. It is a long series, probably nearly 1400 pages so far (or maybe more) and it’s definitely not a fast paced read and is time consuming – so I suppose it depends on how many series you’re already in the middle of and what your TBR pile looks like.
      I probably shouldn’t have taken on another series – I’m already doing a few and as one of those is Games of Thrones (which as you know is enormous!) I could have done without another mega series – but, I keep reading people’s blogs and liking the sound of things, and one thing leads to another…..
      Think maybe I should go back into isolation under my rock!
      Lynn 😀

  2. "Auntie"

    Dear One, I haven’t been commenting, because these are not my kind of reading books. I’m a wimp and could not read all that…… Dismal sounding stuff.

    I can’t even read “The Hunger Games,” although my Granddaughter practically begged me to do so. Brrrrrrrrrr… To dismal and killing. Yes, I am a wimp. -giggles-

    And of course, I am thus missing a lot of reading. But, we have to know ourselves too.

    “When someone in the family has a hearing loss,
    the entire family has a hearing problem.”

    ~Mark Ross, Ph.D.

    • lynnsbooks

      I’m with your granddaughter – read The Hunger Games! Really!! It’s so much better than you expect. I didn’t fancy it at first, particularly the idea that it’s children competing against each other in a game to the death (sounds really awful doesn’t it) but it’s done so well.

      What I was meaning with the blog button – was one of the buttons that I could press that would notify me (with an email) when you put up a post. Then that way I won’t miss your pictures?

      I have a few people’s blogs that I follow that way but I don’t think they’re identified on my blog (maybe I should check??)

      Anyway, take care
      Lynn 😀

  3. "Auntie"

    Oh and, I think you asked me if I have a Follow Button or some such…. I think so. But I don’t use those Follow Buttons, to see new posts, on blogs I like to view.

    I made a separate, private blog. And put the Blogger thing on it, which shows the blogs I like to read. And when each has a new post. It’s the easiest way for me to know when people have put up new posts.

    I have a link to it, for myself, on my Sidebar. It’s called “My Little Posse” but it’s just for me, since it’s private. I don’t like to show a list of blogs I like to read. If I change my mind, and don’t want to read a blog anymore, I don’t want hard-feelings, over my taking it off my list. And if one shows one’s List, on their blog, there could be hard-feelings. Just saying…. 🙂

  4. Redhead

    sorry The Third Section didn’t work out as well for you, but I’m happy to hear you’ll still excited about book 4. The Third Section really worked for me, i think because I really got into the stuff that Kent was focusing on – the slower plot line, Tamara’s dark past and her tragic search for her parents, Dmitri’s new relationships, Iuda’s absolute psycho-ness.

    i like my fiction really, really dark. the absolute opposite of how i like read life to be!

    do you think he’s really going to be able to wrap everything up in just one more book? I don’t want this to be another one of those never ending series, but I do want Kent to write more stuff with vampires.

    • lynnsbooks

      I didn’t dislike the book just preferred the second. Plus I think I preferred Alexsei to Dmitri. I think Iuda is a magnificient ‘baddie’, he’s just so evil! I don’t like him but he’s intersting to read about. On the whole I think it’s a great series blending history with horror.

      I truly hope Kent writes more stuff with vampires, if you think about it he could just adapt this to fit to so many different eras until he brings it up to date. And, I think he’s a good writer.


      • Redhead

        Yuda is the creepiest mofo ever, that’s for sure!

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