Thirteen Years Later by Jasper Kent

Posted On 26 January 2012

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Just finished reading Thirteen Years Later (the Danilov Quintet 2) and I really enjoyed it, at least equally as much as the first if not more!  So, we’re back in Russia, 13 years since Twelve concluded.  In this book Alexsei is once again in the thick of things.  Russia, although at peace with Europe, has internal conflict to be resolved.  The Tsar is not popular and secret societies are gathering and plotting to overthrow him.  On top of that the Tsar has another enemy, an unknown entity, who wants revenge.  Alexsei is once again undertaking his role as spy and trying to protect the Tsar although it isn’t easy with all the secrecy involved.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that the vampires are back in this episode not to mention Alexsei’s worst enemy!  There are a number of different threads in this story and also it’s written in third person so we get to see more POVs – which I always quite enjoy as you get more information.

It’s difficult to say too much about the plot of this book because there are a few twists and turns that it would be a shame to spoil.  What I found reading this time is that once again there is a lot of information.  I would say it takes 200 pages before the tension increases but I really didn’t find this a problem and having read the first book I expected a longer reading experience anyway.  I found that I just had to change my frame of mind in order to enjoy it.  Sometimes you just want a quick read and if that’s how you’re feeling then wait until your mood changes before you pick Thirteen Years Later up.  The other thing is with this novel is it’s a mixed bag, it’s not really a horror story, although there are some horrific moments (not as much so as in book 1), there’s a lot of history and clearly the author has researched this period in great detail – I always enjoy history novels so this is a winner for me personally, and then we have the paranormal element but, again, in this particular book this play a much lesser role.  Now, if any of that sounds critical it isn’t meant to.  I really enjoyed this book.  I liked the depth, I enjoyed the different viewpoints, I was gripped by The Romanov secret, I was intrigued by Iuda (who has sort of grown since the last book and is a terrific villain) and I thought the exploration of relationships added an extra element as well.

Also, we are now perfectly set up for the next book.

All in all a really great book.  If you aren’t put off by the length and you like a bit of ‘this and that’ all blended in together then you will like this.  However, if you’re after an out and out vampire horror then maybe not.

A winner for me though and I can’t wait to move on to No.3.

Thirteen Years Later

Thirteen Years Later


4 Responses to “Thirteen Years Later by Jasper Kent”

  1. TBM

    Russian and Vampires…that sounds intriguing!

  2. lynnsbooks

    I really enjoyed the Russian history. Plus, nasty vampires.
    Lynn 😀

  3. Grace

    This sounds interesting! I’m a big fan of anything Russia-related.

    • lynnsbooks

      You should read it – lots of history in there. Depends if you just want the history though because obviously there’s a few vampires in there as well. I like that though. Taking historical events and giving them a twist!
      Lynn 😀

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