Darkness Falls, Cate Tiernan

Posted On 12 January 2012

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Just finished reading Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan, No.2 in the Immortal Beloved series of books.  (If you haven’t read book 1 this may contain spoilers for that book).

This book continues where the last book finished.  Nastasya is still at River’s Edge, the ‘sort of’ rehab centre for immortals.  She’s still fighting her own inner demons between darkness and lightness and is also suffering from some bleak premonitions of bad things yet to come.  On top of this her behaviour seems to be becoming more erratic, she’s arguing with people more, is constantly tired and her attempts at spells are going disastrously wrong.  The tension is building and you can sense that things are going to go horribly wrong.

Again I enjoyed this book.  It’s easy to read and I like Nastasya – although I sometimes literally wanted to throttle her for her self indulgent, whineyness and rush headlong into bad decisions-ness – note to self, patience is a virtue!  Anyway, in spite of that, I do like Nat and I think this is another enjoyable story.  If you enjoyed the first I have no doubt you will enjoy the second.

Similarly to the first novel this is not a fast paced story.  It’s a slow burner.  The tension mounts slowly in a way in which you’re actually not aware that it is mounting until everything starts to spiral downwards rapidly.  The last third of the book is quite dramatic.  It’s not difficult to see where things are heading but even so it’s all a bit gruesome.  It’s difficult to write anything more without giving away too many spoilers so I’m not really going to elaborate on the story.

What I enjoyed more with this story was finding out a little bit more about River and taking a look at some of her history.  We also get to see a few more snapshots out of Nat’s history which were very illuminating.  The whole thing of Nat coming to terms with who she is was well portrayed.  It’s easy to be judgemental of her at times and wish that she’d stop being so self berating – not everything is her fault after all and given the fact that she’s over 400 years old you would expect a little bit more maturity.  But, when you look a bit closely at Nat and her life, she spent the first half of her life running from one heinous act to the next – that’s one thing that does come across in this book.  Being Immortal means that Nat has lived through a lot of bad times and a lot of loss, not perhaps as glamorous as it may seem then living forever.  On top of that she doesn’t handle personal situations, attachments, conflicts or people very well and at the first sign of tension runs away and puts her head back into the sand.  Or in this case runs back to her comfort zone.  So, she hasn’t really grown up in a way.  The satisfying thing is that she does reach a few decisions that will be life changing.

In terms of criticisms – the story is a bit slow to start off with and I felt that there was a certain point where it dragged a little.  But the ending definitely makes up for that.

On top of all that Reyn is still very much in the frame and still pursuing Nat.  I could have actually used a little bit more character development of Reyn as at the moment he feels a bit flat – still very easy to read about though!

All in all, a good read, I’m not sure if I enjoyed it as much as the first but I will definitely pick up No.3 to see how Nat’s story eventually plays out.

Rating B+

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls


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