Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

Just finished reading Fool Moon by Jim Butcher.

Fool Moon picks up a few months after Storm Front and sees our hero Harry fallen on hard times.  The police are giving him the cold shoulder, following incidents in the last book, and work is very thin on the ground.  That is until a series of grisly murders, all taking place around the time of the full moon, begin to occur and the Special Investigations unit once again call on Harry.

Firstly, I will say that I liked this book but, for some reason, not as much as the first.  Although it won’t put me off continuing with the series because the story and the telling were good just as good.

What I really like about this series so far is Harry.  He is just so very readable.  He’s a magician, but his magic in no way takes over the whole story, in fact it is relatively little used and quite often only as a last resort, he’s witty, I like the way he tells the story and admits to all his little flaws.  He’s certainly not perfect, you could almost accuse him of being patronising to certain people, but, he means well and is genuinley a good guy and frankly a bit of a softie.  What I also like about this series is that it’s got lots going on, particularly in this installment which was action packed.  We are introduced to wolves in this story and there are a number of different varieties, and I’m talking of the supernatural kind and the theories were a different take from the norm which was refreshing.

As I said, there’s plenty of action in Fool Moon accompanied by gore and blood, lots of blood – Dexter would have been in his element! (Blood splatter patterns all over the place.)  There are also a number of different themes and gangs.  We also once again seem to end up in a situation where circumstances keep spiralling ever down from bad to worse to 20 feet below.

I suppose what detracted from this story for me would be a few things.  I felt that Murphy acted just plain weird or stupid – I could have joyfully slapped her (and yet Dresden doesn’t help by withholding information – so slap for him as well), but, nonetheless I found some of her actions a little bit hard to swallow.  I also found the layout of this story very much followed Storm Front.  Harry isn’t working, Harry gets work, Harry gets involved in all sorts of heinous situations pdq, Harry gets beaten up, Harry gets beaten up some more and then when things can’t get any worse Harry saves the day, sounds familiar but just swap the motives a little and involve a different bunch of supernatural critters, bingo.  I don’t have a problem with Harry saving the day btw it’s just that this felt very much as though a formula has been written and will be stuck to – I just hope that’s not the case (okay, I know this sort of novel is a bit like that but this one was just too in your face) and the other thing that sort of irritated me was the romance thing with Susan which feels really forced.  I’m not feeling it at all, in fact I would say there is a deal more chemistry between Harry and Murphy – perhaps that will be developed further in future editions.

On the whole, I enjoyed the book, it’s action packed and quite amusing with a decent plot but I just didn’t like it as much.  It won’t stop me reading the next as I already like Harry and it feels like a fun and indulgent read.

Rating -B

Fool Moon

Fool Moon


7 Responses to “Fool Moon by Jim Butcher”

  1. "Auntie" sezzzzzz...

    Hmmmmmm, not sure if I want to go with this one. Well, with the first 2. But it does sound interesting…. Full Moon, wolves…. So I’ll keep it in my Fav. Places For Books!

    Hope your *one stressful day* goes well, and that the rest of this lovely Season, will be calm and cozy. 🙂

    “Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; and transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!”
    ~~Charles Dickens,
    “The Pickwick Papers”, 1836

    • lynnsbooks

      Hi, yes, I’ve decided not to get stressed this year!! LOL. Let’s see how that goes – do you think deciding not to be stressed is the secret!! I hope you have a wonderful time too and I look forward to coming and checking out your pictures – they’re always so beautiful with lovely colours that reflect the seasons.

      Speak to you soon 😀


  2. Nikki-ann

    Oh, do keep reading the Dresden Files series! I’m currently reading the lastest one and loving it. The Dresden Files has got to be my favourite series of books… I admit there is a little dip early on in the series, but then it just gets better and better.

    • lynnsbooks

      I will definitely carry on with the series because I like Harry already, plus I read a few other series such as Patricia Briggs and the odd book will dip here and there, you can’t expect to like them all as much as each other I suppose? Anyway, thanks for the encouragement.
      Lynn 😀

  3. Fictional Book Reader

    Just finished reading this one and I must say that the action scenes has increase since the last book. I would however like to keep the comedy on some parts specially when Harry and Bob exchange sarcasms.

    • lynnsbooks

      I really like Bob – his bits are so funny. Did you feel that Murphy acted oddly in this one??

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    […] the Dresden Files and for me was a definite improvement.  The first two books are Storm Front and Fool Moon.  I liked the first two but wasn’t as ‘wowed’ as I would like to or thought I […]

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