Avenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walken (No.1 of the Lost Angels books)

Avenger's Angel

Avenger's Angel

Just finished reading Avenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden.  This is the first in a paranormal romance series of books called the Lost Angels and brings to us the four archangels, Uriel (vengeance), Michael (war), Gabriel (messenger) and Azraael (death).  Many, many years ago, God, as a boon to his four archangels, created from the stars four archesses just for them.  However, this naturally caused jealousy amonst the other angels and a war raged in heaven and so the four archesses were cast down to Earth closely followed by the archangels who have spent the last 2000 years looking for them.

The series starts with Uriel, who has quite literally, and after what seemed like an enternity of searching, has finally found his archess.  Of course, though it was never going to be that easy (2000 years probably shouldn’t be described as easy but you know what I mean).  Others are also searching for the archesses, dangerous people who have their own plans and will stop at nothing to succeed.

Bearing in mind that this is the first in the series and so we have to find out a bit about the history and characters I thought it was a good read.  There’s plenty going on to keep your attention, the story is told well and despite the fact that this is Uriel’s story this isn’t at the exclusion of the other angels.  It did put me in mind a little of a few other stories that are out there such as Christine Feehan’s carpathian stories (in the way that they’re searching for their soulmate) but obviously this is angels (although there is a bit of a twist to that but I won’t say more).  I also thought the extra element of creepy guys who were searching for the archess (Eleanor) added a good surprise at the end.

I will just point out that this is not particularly young adult (or at least I wouldn’t say so) – what with racy scenes and the like.  If you like your books filled with eye candy, gorgeous guys, thick lush hair, sparkling eyes, deep sensuous voices and bodies rippling with muscles beneath tightly fitting tees then this is a definite goer.  I must admit that there were a few points where I felt that the archangels, in spite of being on earth for 2000 years, behaved liked adolescent young stags prancing around shaking their antlers at each other, the testosterone was practically dripping from the page and there was occasion where I actually just felt like saying ‘for God’s sake get over yourselves’.  Especially as all the swaggering and dramatic displays of power and strength didn’t really prove as effective as they would have liked!

In terms of criticisms.  I could have used a little less ‘who will save the day’ drama.  Personally, I might have found it a bit more enjoyable to have more time for Uriel and Eleanor to get to know each other – probably going through conflict and such like – but not always at the risk of earphone wearing men in dark coats trying to cart them off into the back of a van for nefarious purposes.  Also, there were times where things just seemed to be thrown into the novel for shock value (or maybe I’m being a bit prudish) but I felt there were a definite couple of instances where I felt myself thinking ‘did I really just read that?’ (and the answer was yes, I certainly did!)  I don’t know, why I’m even pointing that out except that it jarred a little as though the author couldn’t quite make up her mind about which sort of market the book was aiming for.  And, finally, the, ahem, romance element – well, I’m not sure if it didn’t lack a bit in romance.  Okay, it was all about the lust – and I can see that – but, bearing in mind Eleanor and her experiences to date (i.e. none) – I thought Uriel’s idea of an introduction to romance was a bit … well, wrong, and definitely not romantic – how about some gentle lovemaking to start off with?? And leave the domineering stuff until you’ve known each other a little bit longer (i.e. two weeks instead of one) – which leads me to the criticism about what is it with books setting these insufferable timeframes in which everything must happen or the world will evaportate.  Here we are again with a one week deadline (why??)  I just don’t see why we have to have this whole thing of everyone falling in love and saving the day in one week.  Give me a break!  And, finally, I could have used a bit more character from Eleanor.  I think she should have been a bit more sassy and modern and definitely think it should have taken longer for her to come to terms with the fact that she had been created for someone.  Come on, she’s a free thinking, independent, modern young woman after all.

Anyway, that all sounded very critical which wasn’t really intentional.  I did enjoy this read, but I’m hoping that the next will be better,  I thought the chemistry between the two started off really well and had a lot of promise which was still good – even if a bit rushed.  I have decided hopes for Azrael’s story – as he definitely comes over as one of the better defined characters.  Also, Samael – think he should get a book of his own – although as the ‘fallen one’ I’m not sure whether this is intended or not?

I would recommend this.

Rating B+

(This is the American book cover – do you think this gives away the fact that this is a bit of a bodice ripper???) LOL

Avenger's Angel

Avenger's Angel


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