The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Just finished reading The Power of Six which basically picks right up where I am Number Four left off (and if you haven’t read the first book this review may contain spoilers).

Rather foolishly, or rashly, after reading the first book I declared that I would not pick up the second, not because I didn’t Like I am Number Four (see review here) but just because it wasn’t really my type of thing.  What did I know?  Not much apparently because I’ve just read No.2 in the series and I’m quite pleased that I did.  I actually think this was an improvement on the first, it’s still not going to be a breath taking classic but it is fast paced, in fact pretty much packed to the brim with action, there’s tension, a bit of fun and we have a number of new characters introduced not to mention my favourite Bernie Kosar.

I won’t go into the plot too much.  John has become a fugitive since his battle with the Mogadorians at his high school in Paradise, the FBI are now searching for him and he’s on the run.  Not to mention he’s still trying to come to terms with his powers and learn something more about the objects in his chest.  Sam is still with him, steadfast and determined and of course they have been joined by Six – who is a pretty awesome garde with some kick ass abilities of her own.

On top of this, and what I think really makes a big difference this time around we have a different story running parallel.  The story of No.7, Marina, who has been living secretly in a monastery in the Spanish mountains.  Her legacies have also started to develop but the Mogadorians are now aware of her.  I really liked the voice of Marina and her story just adds so much more.  Both stories pick up pace and tension at the same time leading to a show down in both countries for all concerned.

The other thing with this story is a lot more of the background seems to been have cleared up for me.  I was a bit puzzled with certain elements in the first installment, which may just be my own stupidity of course, but this time around I got a much better feel for what was actually happening.  Although, we don’t yet know what has caused this massive altercation between the Lorien and Mogadorians and hopefully this will be further developed in the next book (which I won’t deny I will read!)

On the whole I thought this was a much more enjoyable book, it’s still simply written but I think the adventure and pace are really good.  I think we’ve lost a bit of the ‘cheesy’ high school feel from I am Number Four and there was no ‘half hearted romance’ thrown in for good measure (thankfully – I was never really feeling the romance in the last book it just felt so token).  We also get to see a few more of the Garde and I will just say that No.9 is pretty impressive – a total maniac in fact!

In terms of criticisms – I got a bit tired of the hoards of Mogadorians – they just kept flooding out of nooks and crannies in their hundreds and it sort of became a bit tiring – lets face it, John Smith, has a battle at his high school and becomes the FBI’s most wanted and yet hundreds of Mogs are flocking over the Spanish mountains and not a soul sees anybody – give me a break please.  And, there are hints that this is nothing to what is to come next – I know the garde are pretty impressive with their superpowers but if we end up with 6/7 of them with their Chimaera beating thousands of Mogadorians then that might have to be taken with a very large, nay huge, pinch of salt.  I’m just saying.

But, that’s it, I’m now in this to the end (which I’m sure wont be bitter!)

Rating B

The Power of Six

The Power of Six


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