Bite Club by Rachel Caine (No.10 Morganville Vampires)

Just finished reading Bite Club, the 10th book in the Morganville Vampire Series.  This review may contain spoilers.

Bite Club is quite a dark addition to the series and also gives a few hints that maybe the series is going to come to an end (not sure if it’s true but I understand No.12 will be the final story?) and I am absolutely fascinated as to how RC will manage to end it all!  The thing is I’ve become attached to these characters (some more than others) and I can’t see a way out where everybody is spared, at the end of the day the human and vampires in Amelie’s little experiment are not learning to get along as she wished and she is becoming weary with it.

At the start of the story one of Claire’s classmates gets into the worst kind of trouble and in a seemingly unrelated incident Shane joins a new martial arts club – being run by a vampire – where something more sinsiter lurks in the shadows.  On top of that we have Glorianna sashaying around and glamming people and vampires and Amelie and Myrnin quite literally at each other’s throats over a difference in opinion over something very sinister.

I don’t really want to give too much away although as it says on the jacket ‘there’s a new extreme sport being broadcast over the Internet, bare-knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against one another – or, worse, against humans’.  This is a little similar to one of the previous stories where one of Eve’s friends went around town placing cameras everywhere and making secret films of all the vampire activity to broadcast outside of Morganville.  Bite/Fight Club is a similar idea with people paying to log into the broadcast and then paying to bet on the winner/loser.  Very lucrative and of course nobody watching really believes the vampires exist! Or do they.

As we know from previous novels Amelie will go to any length to protect the secrecy of Morganville and so with Oliver at her side she is determined to stamp this out and she doesn’t intend to take prisoners.

I enjoyed this installment and am totally amazed at how RC keeps coming up with more stories for the town.  In this story we are given short excerpts from Shane’s point of view and I found this really refreshing – also, I think without this it would be very easy to dislike Shane after some of his actions – at least this way we are given a bit of an explanation about what is happening.  And we had plenty of Myrnin in this book which will never fail to please!  He is undoubtedly my favourite character, sarcastic, eccentric, scary, brilliant, mad, zany – what is not to like – okay he occasionally bites!

I really enjoy reading the exploits of our little four and I shouldn’t have long to wait for the next addition which I think is due out in November – will there really only be another one after that.  Slighly difficult to believe and I have mixed feelings – in one respect I could just carry on reading these stories – they’re light, fun, always have a new plot and are quite original and yet I’m now also really intrigued to see how things will conclude.

Rating -A

Bite Club

Bite Club


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