The Small Hand by Susan Hill

Just finished reading The Small Hand by Susan Hill.  The Small Hand is the story of Adam Snow.  Adam deals in valuable antique books which he acquires for his wealthy clients.  One day, after spending time with one of his clients he decides to take a short cut on his way back home and becomes hopelessly lost on the twisty country roads.  He eventually comes to a track leading to a house and decides to try and find somebody who can give him directions.  What he actually finds is a desolated and derelict house with an overgrown garden.  Whilst standing looking into the garden he feels a small hand take hold of his.  Oddly, he feels no fear but is strangely comforted.  He returns to his car and manages to find his way home.  However, all though this may seem like a benign incident he soon starts to experience other strange occurences.

I enjoy reading Susan Hill.  Her writing just seems to flow and appears effortless.  I thought this was a good read and beautifully packaged as well (definitely the sort of book that you actually want to own the book – and not the Kindle version).  Maybe not particularly chilling and perhaps (and this probably seems like a contradiction given the actual size of the book – which is easily readable in one sitting) stretched out in parts.  I don’t mean that to be overly critical because it is very easy to read and I would actually probably read it again – maybe in winter time which might add to the atmosphere.

I thought Adam was a good character on the whole, although I don’t suppose we found out too much about him – other than he has a brother of course – but, he is likable on the whole (even if a little similar to the storyteller in the Woman in Black).  I think, on reflection, I may have enjoyed this book if I hadn’t read the Woman in Black first as the WiB is by far the superior novel of the two and probably gave me expectations of something a bit more chilling.  Probably if I hadn’t started to read the story with this sort of expectation I would have found it a bit more scary.

As it is, I would recommend this but with the proviso that you understand this probably won’t give you nightmares (if that’s what you’re looking for), it may give you a couple of ‘hair standing up on the back of the neck moments’ but not too much more in that department.  However, I enjoyed it and would recommend just for Susan Hill’s writing style.

Rating B

The Small Hand

The Small Hand


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  1. Aunt Amelia

    OH wow, am I ever glad I found your blog!!! After reading back through some other reviews, I can see that you are tuned to what I like to read.

    And how wonnnnnderful is that? To find another reader/blogger, who also does reviews, who also seems to resonate with one’s own likes in reading?!? It’s super-wonderful, that’s what it is!!!

    Thank you, for being here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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