Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs.

Just finished reading Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs and let me just say before anything else, wow. I loved this book. I’ve now finished the first three books that I bought at the same time and I’m cursing myself for not buying all six! Still, who knew that I was going to like this series so much? I can’t get enough of Mercy…

Iron Kissed brings us a new story centred around the Fey. Mercy owes the fey a favour and they call it in at the start of this book to see if Mercy’s coyote can bring anything new to bear in a series of increasing and grizzly murders that have been happening on the fey reservation.

I wonder if PB will continue her format of writing primarily about one particular supe per novel. Her first book was mainly focused on werewolves, the second centred around the vampires and this one brought to the fore the fey. I love reading about the fey and the information in this book is really imaginative. We find out more about the Grey Lords, and what a chilling bunch they are! I thought the scene on the beach was excellent.

We have the usual bunch of weres (although Stefan fans will miss his absence) and this book brings us a very satisfactory resolution to the love triangle that was going on between Mercy, Sam and Adam – and, no spoilers, but I thought this was definitely the right outcome!

Finally, this series just keeps getting better and better. I think Mercy is great, the plot is good, there’s plenty of action and some tender romance scenes (but definitely not the main focus of the novel) and the baddie – ugh! I will just mention that the last chapters may be a bit disturbing for some people to read, but I thought they were written so well that I couldn’t imagine them being omitted (not to mention the following scenes and emotions are so powerfully portrayed – simply brilliant, and revealing in terms of Ben). This series is dark and gritty but a definite must read! How much gushing can one person maintain? That’s it for me now. I have no idea how many times I’ve used the words brilliant or excellent but I’m sure it’s quite embarrassing so I’ll finish here by saying “read this series, I mean it, don’t make me come over there! And, read all three, the first is a bit heavy on information but it’s necessary for establishing Mercy’s world”.

Rating A+

Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed

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