Bloodstone by Gillian Philips

Just finished reading Bloodstone by Gillian Philips. Bloodstone is the second book of the Rebel Angel Series and continues the story of the Sithe as told by Seth.  The start of the Rebel Angel series was Firebrand and if you haven’t read it – do so! (No, really!)  (also beware of spoilers in this review if you haven’t read the first).  Firebrand was absolutely stunning and probably one of my favourite books last year (definitely in my top 10).  Anyway, focus, Bloodstone.

The story continues with Seth and his brother Conal who have been banished to life on the other side of the veil, living amongst us normal folk and searching for the Bloodstone.  They also live with Leonora, Reultan (Conal’s sister and Seth’s half sister) and her daughter Finn.  This installment moves us foward into the present day.  We get an insight into Finn and her struggles, struggles to fit in in normal society, struggles to be loved by her family and to find a friend and we see the way this has affected and hardened her (not helped by all the family secrets and her own self-unawareness (is that even a word?))  We see how much the longing for home affects the Sithe – Seth in particular is dissillusioned with humans – he’s taken part in a number of wars over the past couple of centuries and he can see how self-destructive people really are.  He dreads a lifting of the veil and fears for his home and way of life.  But, in spite of this, he has managed to find companionship over the years spent with humans and his last partner’s son Jed is about to become sucked into the world of the Sithe and life on the other side of the veil.

Although banished, the two brothers have over the years returned illicitly to their home, undiscovered by Kate (Queen of the Sithe) but their next adventure home is to prove tragic for the people from both worlds.

Basically, I’m not going to give anything more of the plot away than that.  You’ll have to read it and find out!

Okay, feelings on this book?  I suppose to begin with I was a bit disappointed that things had moved so far forward as it hadn’t ever occured to me that that would be the case (and also I loved the historical feel of the last book), but, I quickly got over that as I was so excited to be reading about Seth again.  Seth is definitely my kind of hero.  He’s no goody two shoes for sure, but he’s on the side of good.  He’s hot.  He’s headstrong and stubborn and in spite of how many hundred of years old he is he still has to grow up!  He can certainly fight (and win) and when he comes hurtling into a battle you can almost hear the horns trumpeting ‘here I come to save the day’.  He has definite cave man appeal (enough said I think).

And, of course, Seth is accompanied by his lovely brother Conal and a strange assortment of fierce and loyal sithe characters.  Finn is the new addition and is a moody and sarcastic character, full of teenage angst and unaware of her own latent powers.  Her attitude actually reminds me of the young and cocky Seth from book 1.

It’s easy to just lose yourself in the writing.  GP makes it all feel effortless and the pages simply flow and I loved going back to the Sithe world.  We get to meet the wolves again and the strange and aggresive horses.  I will say that this book is definitely darker than the first and of course the season in which we return to the Sithe world makes it even more so with it’s grey and brooding skies.  There is plenty of tension and action not to mention some heartache (GP is quite ruthless with some of her characters but given the Sithe world it would be quite unrealistic to suffer no casualties).  We also have a touch of treachery based on ill advised decisions and prices to be paid!

I love this series and can’t wait for the next book.  It will be interesting to see how Finn’s role develops and how Kate will retaliate.  I would also say that this series will appeal to audiences other than YA.  It’s gritty and to be honest harsh at times.  No fluffyness, sparklyness or gossamer wings.

Rating A+




4 Responses to “Bloodstone by Gillian Philips”

  1. suzannerogersonfantasyauthor

    I was just scrolling through your list of reviews and this one caught my eye. I loved Firebrand and, like you, was unprepared for the switch in situation in book 2. However, I still loved it and my son is actually reading this book at the moment.
    After a certain someone died, I haven’t had the courage to finish the series. But now as my son is so into them, I shall have no choice but to dive back in!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Cool – I hope you complete the series and love it.
      Lynn 😀

  2. suzannerogersonfantasyauthor

    I have the last two books now and have no excuses not to finish the series. But I might let my son read them and give me his verdict first!

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