Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover

Well, carrying on in the vein of catching up on all my series I’ve just finished reading Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover (and I’m still behind).  Before I start, I dare say there will be spoilers contained as this is book No.3.  I think all the books will probably work alone but frankly I would recommend reading all.  It’s a bit like the Harry Potter books.  Of course you don’t have to read them all but it probably helps if you do (just saying).

What a very enjoyable series of books this is.  There’s a little bit of romance.  Good looking boys and kick ass girls. It’s set in a boarding school (similar again to HP) but it’s covert.  I mean, really, what isn’t going to appeal to young girls.  Firstly, we have all these smart girls.  Doing brilliant things. Secondly, they’re all so smart that they can totally break all the rules and usually not get caught.  Thirdly, they hold their own. But, fourthly, they’re still girls and they enjoy dressing up and going out and gossiping, etc,.

This was another good installment.  The story sees  Cammie taking a visit to Macey where a kidnap attempt takes place.  Frankly, I’m not going to elaborate on the plot.  Cammie helps to save the day but, there are going to be other attempts.  The plot is thickening without doubt!  There is some school activity but this one is starting to take the girls into more external settings.  They’re starting to grow up, and, they’re in the spy business after all so each installment becomes a little more serious.

What is so good about this sort of novel is that you become invested in the characters and you feel like you’re watching them grow.  I wanted the girls to band together and prove that they cared about each other.  Which they did.  And it’s so touching.  They’re a family.  They all have their own families but they also care a great deal about each other because they spend so much time together.

So, still light hearted.  Definitely moving forward.  The characters are all developing more.  There is the presence of Zach and all that he is and the mystery surrouding him.

A very good read.  Not with the laugh out loud moments of the first novel but as I say enjoyable and with no real criticisms. The girls are growing up and I figure that things are going to become more serious.  These first novels are just the basics, setting them on their path and showing you all their skills, I think they’re going to be tested much more.

Rating A

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

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