Ghost Town by Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires No.9)

Just finished reading Ghost Town by RC.  Trying to catch up with all my series of books – just found out I’m not succeeding as Book 10 is already out!  Anyway, regardless, I really enjoyed this book.  It starts sort of slowly but quickly gathers pace and soon had me totally hooked!  There was plenty of action and I liked the concept.

Firstly, please understand that this review will definitely contain spoilers for the previous novels (so don’t read if you haven’t already checked out 1-8).  On that note, I must admit I’m very tempted to read some reviews for No.10 and see if I can get a taste for what’s going on – but I’m not going to.  I can do this… really (be strong, deep breaths, etc).

Anyway.  No. 9.  Our fearsome four are back in Morganville after their little road trip and the introduction feels as though all things are back to normal (or as normal as they ever can be in a town run by vampires).  At first I thought this particular story was going to be more of a filler, things ticking over.  College, boyfriend dramas, chores, the coffee shop, etc, and it felt like that for a few chapters until Shane and Claire’s hot night out changes course when they receive an hysterical phone call from Eve.  Rushing to assist things quickly spiral out of control and pretty soon Claire is up to her armpits in stakes and she is in deep trouble.

As a result of the above Claire is called in to assist Myrnin with his project to repair the town’s security systems.  The pair finally succeed but the town starts to suffer side effects and the people and vampires start to lose their memory.  Claire and the others are in a race to restore things before they themselves forget.

I just really liked this one.  I enjoyed No.8 but this one was much more gripping.  I’m sure there’s something for everyone in terms of the characters but for me personally – there was plenty of Myrnin.  And I really love reading about him.  Yes, he’s crazy as a box of snakes but you just can’t help liking him.  I think I’m even developing a sort of strange liking for Oliver (but I can’t put enough emphasis on the word ‘strange’ here).  Plus, possibly intriguing development between Amelie and Oliver.

Plus, the pace is excellent.  I’m not saying that I couldn’t see things coming – but in spite of this I still had a sort of  ‘oh no’ feeling whenever the inevitable happened and one door after another slammed shut (usually in Claire’s face).  And, I’m not too petty to admit that I thought things were going to end differently.  I started to have ‘a bad feeling’ about it – and, I’m not saying it’s a particularly lovely ending – but it’s far superior than the one I was reaching in my own over active race to the end and think you know it all fashion .  Really keen to see what happens next and goodness only knows how Shane is going to react when he finds out what’s going on – truth will out and all that!

I don’t really have any quibbles – I guess I was curious about what happened to Claire’s parents?  Or, more to the point, why?  Can’t write more here because it will give things away.

Definitely recommend. Well done to RC for another great installment.

Rating A

Ghost Town

Ghost Town


2 Responses to “Ghost Town by Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires No.9)”

  1. Emma

    I’ve never read these books, but I have the first one sitting on my shelf. Is it worth my bumping it up the TBR as this one sounds great. It’s not good putting spoilers to me, because I’m all ‘ooo, spoilers…tell me everything!’ 😉

    • lynnsbooks

      Depends what you’re looking for. I find them sort of good fun. They’re all like little mini series. Remind me a bit of Buffy – but without Spike! I do like Myrnin – I can picture him even (how sad am I). I know what you mean about spoilers – I was thinking of doing a total spoiler blog!!!! Bet it would be REALLY popular. LOL

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