Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris, True Blood (No.10)

Just finished reading No.10 of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Usual provisio applies here – please do not read this review if you haven’t read the previous novels as this will contain spoilers.

No.10 is very appropriately named in more ways than one.  In this novel we get to spend a lot more time with family, and not all of it is welcome time.

At the start of the book we have a very different Sookie to the one we know.  She is suffering trauma from the torture and almost death scenario in the previous book.  She is jumpy, nervous, miserable, suffering nightmares and also experiencing doubt about Eric – particularly in relation to the fact that he wasn’t the one who rescued her from her tormentors.

In that respect we do have a few more answers in this book and we uncover a bit more about vampire history.  Eric is now Sherrif to a new King and his second in command, Victor, who is very ambitious, is trying to undermine him and carve out a position for himself.

In terms of  Sookie’s family.  Niall, following the war, has now left the scene and closed the portals to the fey world in an attempt to protect humans from them. Although how permanent a move this will eventually turn out to be remains to be seen.  However, Sookie’s fairy cousin, has come to stay (as Amelia and Octavia have now both left) and  Hunter, makes a welcome return.  On top of that Jason and Sookie are back to being friends again and spending much more time together as they once used to.

On the vampire front, Erics maker, Appius, turns up with the latest edition to his little family – Eric’s new brother Alexei.  This is a most unwelcome intrusion and causes considerable strain between Sookie and Eric.  Appius is cold and detached and Alexei is frankly disturbed.  Eric is under tremendous pressure, because he most obey his maker – and this could take a turn for the worse.  On another front, Bill is still suffering from the effects of silver poisoning and after a little undercover detective work Sookie manages to uncover a vampire relative who may be able to assist his recovery – another creation of Lorena’s.

On the whole, a very family oriented edition.

Running alongside this there is still trouble with the weres and shifters whose coming out has caused problems politically.  The Shreveport werepack seek Sookie out for a favour which she willing agrees to and this causes a whole new raft of problems – not least of all uncovering the fact that a couple of fairies have been lurking in Sookie’s woods and a new body has been discovered!

Again, I enjoyed this book and thought events developed in a realistic way.  The relationship with Sookie and Eric has move forward – although this is making her reflect more about their differences – and we start to see a more vulnerable side to Eric as his feelings for Sookie increase.

I really can’t wait to see how this all works out.

In terms of criticisms – nothing really major – bit puzzled about the uncovering of Eric’s house.  We’re told that only Pam and Sookie know of it’s location and yet the final chapters contradict this somewhat.  Other than that the one thing that does annoy me – and it isn’t a criticism of the story – is the cover.  All my previous books have the old covers but when I bought No.10 I had to buy the tie-in to the series book – and I just don’t like tie-ins – and, with this particular cover – the characters would be all wrong anyway.

Rating -A

Dead in the Family

Dead in the Family


2 Responses to “Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris, True Blood (No.10)”

  1. Uniquely Moi Books

    I am in love with this series! I read them last summer.I still need to read the newest in the series though.

    • lynnsbooks

      I really like Charlaine Harris – I think Sookie is a great character. Definitely getting darker as the series progresses but I guess you can’t keep having all these traumatic experiences without some effects.
      Lynn 😀

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