Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

Just finished reading No.2 of the Gallagher Girls Spy School novels.  I just think these books are so enjoyable to read.  They almost feel like a guilty pleasure but I don’t actually feel guilty about reading them because they are so light hearted, tongue in cheek and fun.

CMH&HTS picks up virtually immediately from where I’d Tell You I Love You You left off (although I’m sure you could probably pick this up and read it on it’s own although these are such quick easy reads I would definitely advise picking up No.1 first).  All the characters from the first novel are here.  The girls and teachers, and Josh also puts in an appearance, but this episode sees the introduction of some new interesting male characters (although I’m not going to elaborate further – I will say I liked Zach.  He’s a little more in Cammie’s league and can give her a run for her money).  The story this time involves the girls (which now include Marcy as one of the BFF group) trying to uncover the mystery of Blackthorne, not to mention why has the East Wing of the School been closed under mysterious circumstances?  Again, I won’t go into detail because it will spoil the plot.

I thoroughly enjoyed this installment.  It was different than book No.1 in that it probably didn’t have as much of a laugh out loud type of feel but I think there was more character development.  You can see the way the girls are starting to develop and this time around highlights some of the difficulties and conflicts that they will eventually face given the type of lives they have chosen to lead.

The story has the usual high-tech gadgets, spinning walls, sinking floors, etc, which are excellent and put me in mind of Our Man Flint or a tongue in cheek take on Bond.  I particularly love the school setting and think the whole idea of a series of books based on a spy school for girls is excellent.

I don’t really have any criticisms for this book – although, and not wanting to give away spoilers here, the girls did look a bit like the underdogs for a while there!

The ending was really good – I’m not saying I didn’t guess what was going on – but still good.

If you like the whole idea of kick ass girls being taught how to become spies and doing a little covert underwork of their own along the way, whether that is how to discover how to talk to boys or how to dress for a date, then this book should definitely hit the spot.

Rating A

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy


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