From Dead to Worse : by Charlaine Harris (No.8) True Blood

If you haven’t read the previous books this review will undoubtedly contain SPOILERS.

From Dead to Worse sees Sookie return to Bon Temps following the events at the vampire summit in Rhodes and try to resume her normal lifestyle.  She is shaken by recent events, a lot of vampires have lost their lives and her boyfriend, weretiger Quinn, is missing.  Bill is still in hopes of winning Sookie back round and Eric is also on the scene.

This book almost reminded me of a lot of mini episodes all brought together using different strands in order to tidy up lots of loose ends.  This doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable or that there wasn’t any action.  On the contrary, the shifters are at risk of an all out war between two vying packs, the vampires are in danger of a hostile takeover by a new king and Sookie gets to meet an enigmatic stranger – I won’t give away who this is – but it definitely reveals a little bit more about Sookie’s heritage – not to mention a nice surprise at the end of the book.

The world in which Sookie lives is set to change, it seems that a number of the ‘supes’ have already come to this realisation and others are finally reaching the same conclusion.  The human world live unknowingly amongst many different kinds of beings, weres, fairies, demons, to name but a few, and following the ‘coming out’ of the vampire community these other factions are starting to become more restless and less willing to stay hidden.  Obviously this is going to become a major theme for future editions and you can almost see that things are going to get turned on their head.

I like Sookie, she’s a very caring individual – probably a bit too much sometimes.  She’s also strong and willing to step in to help others in a spot of bother.  Don’t get me wrong, she can be a bit self-absorbed at times and I don’t always understand how she’s reached a particular conclusion over one thing or another but on the whole she is a very easy to like character and this is reinforced by the number of strong, powerful and magical friends that she seems to have developed close bonds with.

There was a definite lack of any romantic element to this story but I think that was to allow Sookie to come to a number of realisations herself and find some closure in her own personal deliberations.  The element of attraction between Sookie and Eric is developing into something much stronger and I’m hoping that this will move on in the next book as the chemistry between the two is great to read.

On the whole I thought this was a very enjoyable read, it introduces a number of new characters (some very short lived!) whilst bringing a number of old friends back onto the scene plus I always enjoy the time that Sookie spends back at home.

Rating B+

From Dead to Worse

From Dead to Worse


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