All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris, No.7 (True Blood)

All Together Dead picks up from the last novel.  Beware – this will contain spoilers so please do not read if you haven’t already read nos.1-6!!!

The Queen of Louisiana is accused of killing her husband and will stand trial at the Vampire Summit.  As the sole witness to the murder, and also being on the payroll of the vampires, Sookie will have to attend the Summit.  As will her ex, Bill, and the other complication in her life Eric.

This book is a great addition and moves the story forward and develops it further.  The story is much more political this time around and Sookie and Barry the Bellboy (from Dallas with the telepathic skills) band together to help each other out.  There is more intrigue and sub plots and sneaky underhanded double-dealing and back stabbing.  You also get a bit more of a look into ‘real’ vampire politics as you watch them mete out their own justice to misdemeanours between their own kind – and the kid gloves are off.

Sookie really comes into her own in this book, she shows her intelligence, she stands up for herself and the people she is working for and she really helps humans, vamps and weres.  She also starts to realise how very tentative her own situation is once the real extent of her talents is truly revealed.

I found this story different from the rest.  Apart from the fact that Sookie if away from her own town and Merlots and the usual cast of characters she is finally thrown into the full world of vampires.  Not just a few here and there and a couple of shapeshifters.  The Summit is a massive event with very few humans present.  It’s truly a new experience for Sookie and to be honest a little scary but she steps up and takes it on board.  The final event is very fast moving and dramatic.  At the culmination you can’t help feeling that the vampires are greatly indebted to Sookie and it remains to be seen if that will ever be acknowledged.

As I said there’s a lot of politcal intrigue in this book and a lot of characters.  The romance elements take a definite backseat, there is a little interaction, but nothing major.  Although Sookie came to the Summit as Quinn’s romantic interest I wasn’t really feeling it and it almost feels like a stepping stone as Sookie takes the next step.  Personally I think Sookie really likes Eric (and why wouldn’t she??).  Although all three of the men are really quite (very) likable – Quinn (loving the name Stripes), Bill (so old fashioned) and Eric (the Viking).  I know which I prefer!!  (And he’s tall and blond).

At least I don’t have to wait long to see what the next episode will bring and I’ll be moving straight on!

(Very minor criticism – considering events, not to mention their age and knowledge, the vampires have a deplorable lack of self preservation in this novel – at the end of the day they can be killed  – and yet they seem to be terribly blase about everything – especially when you consider the number of royalty attending the Summit).

Next book: From Dead to Worse

Rating A

All Together Dead

All Together Dead



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