Kiss of Death (Morganville Vampires) by Rachel Caine

Okay – first – if you haven’t read Nos.1-7 (why not) and also this will contain SPOILERS

Just finished reading book 8 of the Morganville Vampires series.  I’m a bit behind and need to catch up – Ghost Town is just sat looking at me and waiting to be read!

Book 8 is a bit of a different tack than the other books.  The book picks up from Fade Out with Claire and her friends owing a debt to Morley, one of the less than pleasant vampires (if there is such a thing as a pleasant vampire!) who wants Claire to obtain for him passes out of town.  This task is not as easy as it sounds and the threat of what will happen if Claire fails looms over the four.  Surprisingly, when the passes finally arrive all is not as it should be – the passes are actually, four ‘get out of town’ passes for Claire, Eve, Shane and Michael to go to Dallas and take part in a record demo for Michael.  Whilst this presents a very welcome opportunity for them to get out of Morganville and away from the nasty Morley Vampire it also comes with the unexpected downside of Oliver accompanying them as chaperone.

Of course, as expected, nothing ever goes as well as you would wish with our gang of four and their little road trip quickly spirals into a bit of a disaster going from bad to worse and Oliver’s hidden agenda is doing nothing to help.  I’m not going to give the plot away though!

Ironically being away from the crazy vampire town is no less fraught with danger in fact the humans they encounter along the way are quite scary in their own way and make you wish for them to be ‘home’!  And, then the town they end up in is a total no go zone.

I think Claire has really started to come into her own in this book and become almost buffyesqu.  You also start to see a different side to Oliver which was a surprise – in a good way (although whether that continues remains to be seen).

I guess I missed Morganville a little and there was obviously a gigantic gap left by the absence of Myrnin but, after a slowish start, this book manages to pull out a few shocks and quickly becomes the action packed adventure that you come to expect from RC.

Again, I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading No.10 soon.

You have to hand it to Rachel Caine, I did wonder if she would be able to pull another story out of the bag but she’s succeeded once again and managed to give us a new and refreshing ‘road trip’ story not to mention a few LOL moments.  I particularly liked when the four were yet again facing a fight or flight situation and Eve asks Michael “what’s the plan”, Michael’s reply “don’t lose” – and Shane then jumps in with “It’s simple, yet effective.  I like it”. (brilliant)

Rating -A


Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death


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