Lies by Michael Grant

Lies brings us the third installment of the story of the children at Perdido Beach.  (Book No.2: Hunger review posted last year).

In Lies we see the relationships formed in the previous two books start to fray as tensions run high.  Sam is no longer solely in charge and the Town Council, with Astrid at it’s head, are trying to formulate laws and regulations to control the Town.  Astrid is coming to the realisation that she does make mistakes and Sam, who has not emotionally recovered from the attack he suffered in Hunger is hiding things.

There is no end of action in this book.  It’s a total whirlwind of plots, scheming and fighting with a few twists thrown in at the end.  It’s not always the gentlest of books to read for sure and MG doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice characters (even ones who you will undoubtedly have come to love!) But plenty of new characters are thrown in for good measure.  And, we have a new baddie in Zil who is trying to lead the humans into a revolt against the mutants or ‘freaks’.

I must say that I like MG’s writing style.  He makes you care for the characters that you’re supposed to and equally dislike the characters that you’re not.  I think he’s created some wonderful people in this series – particularly Sam.  He also makes you sit and wonder just what would happen if something like this did ever happen.  And he totally throws you off track with all his twists and turns.  I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen or how things would be finally resolved.  In fact I was sat dumbstruck at the end and had to have a good long recap! (And even after the recap I’m still really intrigued with one of the plot lines – but won’t spoil it).

This is a blast of a book, lots happend and such weird and wonderful things going on – you find yourself saying ‘no way’ at points, but come on, you’re reading a book about a group of children, some with strange mutant powers, living trapped in an adult free bubble with no way out – how much more unbelievable is there??

I have no doubt that fans of MG will be hooked by this book.

In terms of criticism – at points I found it almost too much.  I wouldn’t have minded a little light relief occasionally.  Some of the experiences that these children are going through are just so exhausting that at points you just think – give them a break!!  Also, I think that there are elements in the book that have been added but don’t seem to bring anything particular to the story – although this maybe be resolved in future books.  And, a lot of the names you will be familiar with play a much smaller role in this story – even Sam.

Although I don’t think this is my favourite of the three (Gone is still winning out, with Lies being 2nd) I’m in this to the end now – I have to know what happens after all.

Rating -A




2 Responses to “Lies by Michael Grant”

  1. Lydia

    I am completely obsessed with this series!! I can’t wait until I get a hold of this book!! Thanks for the review!:)

    • lynnsbooks

      They’re definitely compelling stories – you can’t put down. On balance preferred Lies to Hunger. The ending has definitely opened things out and left me with a few questions – it’ll be interesting to see how it develops…

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