My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Posted On 26 December 2010

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I was looking forward to this book very much but unfortunately it didn’t really live up to my expectations.

MSTT is about a young girl called Kaylee.  Kaylee lives with her aunt and uncle and cousin Sophie.  She’s a fairly regular girl except she seems to have developed a talent for predicting people’s deaths and it turns out that Kaylee is in actual fact a Banshee or Bean Sidhe.  I don’t know a great deal about Banshees and I would be interested in finding out more but that being said I found this novel a bit flat. I did read it fairly quickly because it’s a fairly straightforward read but nothing really stood out for me.

The romance felt too quick.  Within a matter of days (or hours) the two main characters were completely comfortable with each other.  The concept of what Kaylee was and her abilities just felt somehow pointless.  Kaylee is a banshee, she sees people’s auras and can see they’re going to die and then she is consumed with the need to scream at the top of her lungs (but apparently this sounds like a beautiful soul song to any other Banshees in the vicinity) and the point of this is to help the soul pass over – or to make the soul linger.  But what happens to those peoples’ souls who die without a Banshee there to help with this?  Plus in this book there seem to be hoards of banshees all living within the immediate vicinity of each other.

The characters seemed a bit one dimensional – Nash, all of a sudden heard Kaylee, knew what she was and was overtaken by an all consuming passion for her – just by hearing her voice which calls to him.  I don’t understand how Nash has never heard her voice before – okay maybe it’s a very big school and as a popular guy he has no reason to notice Kaylee but as her voice sings to him – and as her friend is totally gorgeous and been the girlfriend of one of his friends you might be forgiven for thinking they might have crossed paths and he would have ‘heard’ her before then.   Her cousin Sophie is one of the ‘popular’ crew – but she doesn’t really stand out as being particularly ‘mean’.   I must say that Todd was a pretty good character and with a bit more development might have been more of a draw but he didn’t have enough time in the book perhaps he will feature more in future books.

But, I probably would have liked the book more if the ending had been more believable – but I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t go further with that – I just didn’t find the villain plausible.

The redeeming feature for me was the mythology and I will definitely look up some more information about Banshees but personally I thought this novel could have been much better and I think it loses an opportunity for more creepy hair raising moments.

Rating: -C

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)

3 Responses to “My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent”

  1. Novel Girl

    Mmm, I gave this book four out of five stars. It was good, just nothing “W-O-W!”

    • lynnsbooks

      This is a funny book because most people seem to really like it – perhaps I should have given the series more of a chance but when I read it I just found it annoying more than anything.

      • Novel Girl

        We are one of the few who didn’t see what the fuss was about.

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