Trade Winds by Christina Courtenay

This book was bought for me as a present and probably not one that I may otherwise have picked up.  It’s part of a new series of books published by Choc Lit.  I guess Choc Lit gives you an idea what sort of books these are going to be – obviously a romance with some mind candy.  The sort of book that you should probably take on holiday and read whilst lying in the sun with a long cold drink of something.  And that’s exactly what this novel is.

The story is based on two characters.  Killian, who lives in Scotland and has been disinherited by his grandfather and seeks a living gambling and Jess, who lives in Sweden and believes her stepfather is swindling her out of her inheritance.  The story contrives to bring the two characters together and the romance obviously follows.  This is certainly a very easy book to read.  I think if you are seeking a great deal of depth or historical detail you would probably be disappointed but if you want a nice light hearted read with a couple of good looking characters who undertake a little adventure and escape a few life threatening situations then it’s all wrapped up nicely in this book.

I can’t say I was absolutely riveted by this book but also I had no problem in reading it.  It was a bit contrived in parts and probably tried a little bit too hard in the last quarter of the book to bring both elements of adventure plus a lovely neat ending – but really can you complain about that??  I don’t know.  What’s wrong with a nice light hearted read after all.  Not everything you read has to be deep and meaningful!

I guess given that these books are for the romance lovers out there the only criticism I would have is there wasn’t enough of the romance element.   There was some build up and anticipation which was okay but then before you knew it you have two people who to my mind are too well established – in more ways than one!  I felt as though they ‘grew up’ too quickly and were almost like a seasoned couple – I guess I’m trying to say that they had lost the excitement element to their relationship which was a bit disappointing.  Also, things seemed to come very easily for them and nothing was ever stressful which under the circumstances they were in is a little bit unbelievable.  If you compare this to a novel like the Bronze Horseman, by Paullina Simons -now there is a love story to remember!

That being said this is a nice easy book to read and a must for anybody who fancies a bit of a holiday read that is not too heavy on detail.  I’ll check out ‘choc lit’ again to see what else they have.

Rating -B


Trade Winds

Trade Winds

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