Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Posted On 2 December 2010

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This is the fourth book in the series and focuses on Ani and Devlin.  Ani is the part mortal daughter of Gabriel and Devlin is the assassin (or bloody hands) of the Faery queen.

This story picks up where Fragile Eternity left off with Seth having just returned to the real world.  The Faery Queen, Sorcha, is no longer the calm and emotion free zone she previously was and is now experiencing sorrow and doubt at the absence of Seth.  As she pines the stability of the faery realm is in decline.  Meanwhile Devlin, who is back in the mortal world to watch over Seth (at Sorcha’s request) has been distracted by his attraction to Ani.

This book has got such a lot of elements which are really well meshed together.  In fact, this is my favourite of the books so far, I think that’s probably because it focuses much more on the dark court which I prefer.  I think Melissa Marr has done an amazing writing job with her fey.  No longer are fairies pretty little winged things in gossamer dresses.  Melissa Marr’s fey are cruel and not just the dark court.  And yet, the dark court, which undoubtedly has the worst reputation, definitely came through in this book as the court with the most loyal and caring feelings to its own kind.

I really liked the story of Ani and Devlin and look forward to seeing how the whole situation is resolved.  I really liked Devlin and felt sorry for him as he’d been repressed for such a long time.  In a way, I’ll be sorry to see this come to an end, I could probably quite happily continue reading different stories from different courts.

I don’t really have a lot of criticisms for this book, as I say, I think it was the best so far and I particularly like the way that I didn’t second guess the ending, in fact I was puzzled as to how it would all work out!  MMMmmm criticisms – well, not a lot, I suppose I don’t really like Sorcha – I know she is supposed to embody logic but she isn’t logical herself – which I understand is because of the change in her circumstances but even so she is just too inconsistent.  Actually, that’s probably not a real criticism – I just don’t like her character and in actual fact that’s probably the author’s intention.

Rating -A

Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely)

Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely)


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