The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl

I was reading this book as part of my book club reading – I haven’t really got on very well recently with my book club choice of books, in fact, I haven’t always completed reading the most recent selection.

Anyway, this month’s selection was The Last Dickens.  I didn’t mind the look of this book, although after starting to read it did take me a little while to get into it.  This books focuses on the search by Mr Osgood for the missing final chapters of Edwin Drood, Charles Dickens last novel which was left unfinished after he died whilst writing it.  Mr Osgood is a publisher and one of the partners in a firm in Boston who have signed a deal with Dickens to print his novel.

I most admit that I had no idea what a cutthroat affair the publishing business used to be.

I thought this was quite an entertaining novel to a certain degree.  It contained lots of tidbits of information about Dickens which were quite interesting, also I found all the information about opium use at that period intriguing.  On the whole this wasn’t a bad book and certainly entertaining enough to finish.  I did find that my mind was a little less engaged towards the end as I think by then I’d grown a little tired of the relentless search for the final chapters which kept evading Osgood.  Stupid really – the ending is rather obvious – otherwise the story of Edwin Drood would be a complete novel!

Anyway, I found this book okay if not totally gripping.

Rating C+

The Last Dickens

The Last Dickens

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