Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare


Frankly I didn’t expect to like this novel even though I enjoyed the Mortal Instruments by the same author.  I think I prejudged it really.  I just didn’t fancy reading the prequels.  I suppose I don’t like the idea of going ‘back’ to see what was the motivation behind a novel or series of novels after I’ve already read later episodes.  A little bit like the Star Wars films – I watched the first three and I didn’t want to watch the three ‘new’ films that were then made at a later point.  It’s a bit like somebody writing a prequel to Rebecca or Gone With the Wind, I mean, really, so what?? I don’t want to read some prequel about Scarlett O’Hara as a little girl. Plus I didn’t really like the idea of the timeframe that the new books were set in – not because I don’t like novels of that era but simply because it didn’t appeal to me  this type of action novel being set in that period.  I just thought it would be too restrictive.  The first three novels had quite a bit of action in them and we are dealing with Shadowhunters so that doesn’t really lend itself very well to bustling dresses and parasols.

Anyway, I was totally wrong.  I think this book was brilliant.  I picked it up with misgivings but within, literally, a few pages it totally had me hooked.  There were of course lots of similarities between Jace and Clary (but again reading any type of novel about attraction resonates at a certain level) and after all you’re still reading about Shadowhunters and the world that they live in.   No, I really liked this book.  I liked the writing, the people, the plot, the timeframe.

And, it’s amazing how the author completely adapted her writing style to fit into the period (not to mention that this novel is based in London).  I just really didn’t think it would fit but CC made it totally believable.  A few familiar faces popped up here and there which was good.  The story was new and believable and you might guess a bit of the story here and there but I think it was a good plot overall.

I really liked this book, and, I don’t think I actually have any criticisms which is a first for me.  I found this really absorbing  – a total page turner.  And I can’t wait for the next book.  In fact if I had to choose which was my favourite setting for this story i.e. the current day Mortal Instruments or the more historical Infernal Devices I think it would be a difficult choice because I really do like the earlier period but then I do enjoy reading books from that era.  That being said I would probably still err on the side of Mortal Instruments for the moment – but only because I’ve read all three so I’ll reserve making my judgement until I’ve read all three of the Infernal Devices.  Can’t wait.

Rating A++

The Clockwork Angel

The Clockwork Angel


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